Figuring out what to say to get your girl back may seem like a huge mystery. It's really not all that difficult when you consider what you know about your girlfriend. You have all the tools you need to say the right things to get her back. You just need to find the words.

Since most men prefer actions to words, the need to say anything at all can be troubling. If you find you're having difficulty try putting everything on paper. Whether you pen it all in the form of a letter and let that do your talking for you or use the paper as an outline for rehearsing what needs to be said putting it in writing is an excellent idea.

What are some of the topics you should cover?

1) Let her know how much you appreciate her. This is something that most women do not hear enough of. Unfortunately it's the one thing she needs to hear most to be truly happy in the relationship. She needs to know that her contributions are acknowledged an important. More importantly, she needs to know that you understand how important they are. These things are done to make you happy after all. Acknowledging that makes it all worthwhile for her.

2) Acknowledge the pain you've caused her. Then you need to apologize. First though you need to tell her that you know you've caused the pain. No matter how unintentional it was you need to let her know that you are suffering because you caused her to suffer.

3) Offer solutions. An apology is great but it does nothing to solve the problem. You have to solve the problem if you hope to save your relationship. Do whatever it takes to solve the problem and let her know what you've done.

These things are what to say to get your girl back. Make sure you say them and let her know how much she means to you.

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