We chose procrastination books that will encourage you to develop good manners, become more prolific, and understand why we love to set something off so much.

Peter Ludwig “Conquer procrastination! How to stop delaying business for tomorrow»

Peter Ludwig, one of Europe's leading personal growth coaches, does not begin the book with the most cheerful introduction: “Psychologists say that on his deathbed, a person more often regrets what has not been done than about what has been done. Somebody talks about missed opportunities, about how they could have done more in life. «At the equal period, according to Peter, the possibilities of the modern environment force us to set off life for later further and further often. The writer gives nine simple techniques, from personal SWOT analysis to rebooting the inner hamster that will serve to develop impulse and self-discipline, get more satisfaction out of time, and study to see the flaws in you, thus growing more effective.

Advice from the chapter:

In one of the methods, the writer suggests creating a list of three positive events that occurred throughout the day each day, after which, on a ten-point scale; mark how satisfactory the day was. This exercise will improve your start shifting the focus from negative to positive thinking and will inspire new victories.

Neil Fiore "Easy approach to stop postponing after"

A psychologist who has been trading by the problem of endless procrastination for more than thirty years has developed his method that helps people acquire the habits of a productive person. In his work, the author begins with a new understanding of procrastination, lists its signs, by which one can understand how much it affects our lives. To solve the problem, the psychologist suggests:

  • getting rid of the negative way of thinking and blocks;
  • making an anti-schedule;
  • resting without feeling guilty.

The book also guides how to manage people who do everything at the last moment, and what to do if you have to live with them.

Advice from the book: Concentration exercise.

Sit upright, lower your legs to the floor, and put your hands on your knees. Focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply; imagining that with each exhalation, you release all tension. Let your body relax. Close your eyes and imagine that you are letting go of your past, you are not aware of the future and only focus on the present. Keep breathing deeply and give yourself any positive advice. The exercise takes no more than two minutes and helps you relax, let go of bad thoughts, and concentrate on the very significant information. A detailed description of the exercise can be observed in the text.

Es Jay Scott "New year of the procrastinator"

The book by personal development, productivity, and skill-building blog compiled 23 habits to assist you to start living an effective life. For instance, finally start saying "no" to unnecessary things, prioritizing the ABCD method, visualizing, creating a system of 43 folders, and starting to reward yourself for success. It is worth reading the description of the seven excuses of the procrastinator - perhaps this acquaintance will allow you to find your own among them and continue your path to perfection.

Advice from the book: Start the day with the most important things.

Rather than deciding to carve out time for the correct conditions, try dropping unnecessary duties and highlighting the ones that concern you. Start doing them early tomorrow morning. By beginning the day with essential points to do, you may recharge and spend the rest of the day as productive as possible.

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