If you have a large family and need to cook more food daily, then three burner gas stove is suitable for your needs. Even if the kitchen space is limited, a three burner gas stove is ideal. Some things need to be kept in mind when buying a three burner gas stove.


Decide whether you need a rectangular or square gas stove according to the space available for it in the kitchen. The size of the stove must be sufficient enough to provide adequate access to the third burner. For large kitchens, 80-90 cm stoves with more than sufficient spaces between the three burners are the best.

Type of burners

You also need to decide upon the type of burner you require. The various types of burners have been listed here.

● Simmer burners are suitable for small fry pans and saucepans. They are ideal for melting butter or chocolate and making sauces.

● Medium burners are suitable for cooking food which needs rapid temperature changes — for example, cooking rice.

● Large burners are suitable for frying and boiling. Such burners are ideal for large-sized non-stick frypans and saucepans.

● Wok burners provide heat rapidly and are suitable for fast boiling and stir-frying.

Manual or electrical ignition

Decide whether you want a manual or auto-ignition gas stove. Manual ignition gas stove requires you to ignite the burners with a lighter after turning on the gas supply. In the case of auto-ignition models, you need to just press the ignition button or turn the knob to a particular position to ignite the burners. Such models use electric sparks to ignite the burners. Electrical ignition gas stoves save fuel.


Gas stoves are generally made of stainless steel which does not rust due to moisture and is not easily damaged. However, gas stoves made of glass or fibre are also available in the market. These are aesthetically appealing gas stoves but require high maintenance as they are delicate.

Control knobs

The control knobs for controlling heat generated by the three burners must not be small in size. Knobs having crossbars for better grip are more suitable than simple knobs. The pointers on the knobs must also be clear to the eyes. The position of the knobs must not be close to the burners.


Only the best brands in the market must be considered. This is because reputed brands provide efficient and safe gas stoves. Branded three burner gas stoves may be expensive but are worth the money.

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