The last few decades have witnessed a huge rise in the number of fans for the rugby sport. The purchase of these balls has also gone up exponentially. Hitting on this moment, the companies are presenting a range of rugby balls for the lovers of this sport. Not only the stores but also the online portals are studded with a wide range of rugby balls from different manufacturers.

For the first time buyers, it is quite a challenging task to ascertain that the training balls they are buying, stand in accordance with all the parameters. There are several features to look out for when going to shop training balls online. The following are some of the things to ascertain before placing the order—

Who all can use it?

Well, this can be the very first thing that should be ensured before placing the order. The person buying must go through the product specification where it clearly mentions the persons who can use it. The companies that are manufacturing these rugby balls are keeping in mind the training sessions for players of all age groups.

Some of the balls are designed to be used by the players of age group 5 to 13 years while there are some that can be used by the rugby enthusiasts of age up to 14 years. There are balls for practice for the ones who are above 14 years as well.

What are the Purposes that it Can Solve?

The manufacturers are keeping in mind the multi-utility of the rugby balls. It is why the design of the balls has been made keeping in mind its functionality. The popular rugby ball manufacturer like PASS MASTER is ascertaining that a single ball caters to a multitude of training aspects.

The person buying these balls must look out for the fact that whether the ball can be used for kicking, passing or catching or not. If the ball facilitates all these, then it can be tagged as the perfect training ball.

Whether the Ball can be Controlled or not?

The very vital thing to ensure during a training session is to ascertain if the use of the ball does not kill time. Therefore, when a person buys training rugby ball, it is always recommended to look out for if it has any arrangement ascertaining that it does not go out of the fence.

However, according to the players practising with these balls, the companies are ensuring that there the ball is attached with a bungee cord at one end and a wrist strap at the other end. This facilitates in the practising with left and right hand, drop kicking for goal, grubber kicking, catching and passing.

Whether the Ball is Durable or not?

The durability of the ball largely depends on the quality of the material it is being made. The manufacturers are ensuring that the best material is used for manufacturing so as to make the ball long-lasting and practice friendly for the players.


By keeping all these aspects in mind, the purchase of a rugby ball can be a worthy one. Not only it is going to be a perfect gift item but would ensure that the young kids cherish the usage in the most effective way.

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The author owns a shop that delivers rugby training balls online. The author is also associated with a sports magazine and highlights how the craze for rugby has boost up the players’ inclination towards the purchase of this sports accessory.