It is said that the couples who buy engagement rings or wedding bands together or at least pre-shop together for the big event, for them the choice of ring is never a problem. However, if you are planning to go down on your knees to take your partner by surprise, in that case you need to be very certain of the choice that you would make.


This is a big truth that most guys sweat over the task of choosing a perfect ring for their loved ones. However, if you know everything about purchasing the right ring then, your fiance is gonna run towards you with joy.


When looking for the perfect diamond eternity ring, there are a lot of things to consider. First things first! Figure out your budget since it will play a significant role in your decision. Also since you aren’t looking to burn a hole in your own pocket doesn’t mean you can neglect the quality. Find below, few points to consider before making the confession of love.


  1. Reliable jeweller: Though you took the decision alone, you will need to involve your close friends in this first big purchase that you are about to make. To be assures of the quality, a reputable jewellery store is the first thing you should look for. Take recommendations from your close, friends or other married people you know. Buy reliable platinum wedding rings here.


  1. Run ahead of time: It isn’t certain that the ring you have been looking for will be available just the day before you plan to propose. So consider approaching the jeweller at least a month or two before the big day in case you want a custom ring made into what you exactly want.


  1. When picking the diamond, follow this: When picking a diamond for your ring, you need to be well versed about the 4C’s about diamond that plays a major role in the quality and the cost of ring. They are - cut, clarity, colour and carat. Now, if you want most sparkle and brilliance in the ring, then you should focus on the cut. It's proportions, symmetry and polish can vary the look of the diamond. However, if you want the ring to be light on your pocket, look for lesser carats. Higher the carat (weight), more expensive the ring will be.


  1. Settings are important: What i am talking about is the metal framework in which the diamond will be mounted. An improper fitting can both beautify or spoil the look of your ring. Finding the right setting of the shape of the stone is the key to getting a beautiful engagement ring. Click here to buy cheap diamond engagement rings for women.


  1. Consider the metal: No! I don’t mean that you drop obvious hints for her...that would ruin the surprise. Rather spy on the style she approves (ask her about her friend’s wedding ring). You could also approach someone close to her and then swear them to secrecy. There is nothing more beautiful than surprising your beloved with just what she wants!


  1. Get the description written: Do not forget to obtain a fingerprint while making a purchase along with the invoice. It would include all the aspects like the 4C’s and any enhancements made.


Every effort you make is worth! After’s your one true love!

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