There are a lot of talented psychics, intuitives and energy healers out there. Many explore these abilities because we are sensitive to energy and because we have a lot of healing to do for ourselves.

In order to be of the best service to others, it is essential that we continue to grow, heal and develop ourselves honestly, with a willingness to experience genuine self-awareness (including what we view as the good, the bad and the ugly!)

What are the red flags to watch out for?
Someone who is very emotionally vulnerable, or has a lot of limiting beliefs, grudges, or traumas, will have a hard time being neutral when they read or heal another person's energy. They are likely to project their own 'stuff' on to it.

An individual may be very gifted at seeing or working with energy, or very open and even vulnerable to it. It takes enough healing / growing / clearing of one's own energy to really be able to see others clearly, rather than see another through one's own issues.

A psychic/clairvoyant/healer is not neutral if they:
• say that you 'should' or 'should not' do something
• offer a lot of unsolicited or very specific advice
• get overly involved or overly emotional when working with someone
• encourage dependence on themselves and their psychic abilities

Another thing to watch out for is someone who presents themselves as having already completed all they need to learn or heal - as if they were superior beings who have everything figured out.

So what are you looking for? An expert.

Ideally, your psychic, intuitive or healer has become an expert at working with energy as a result of following a sincere path to their own self-awareness and healing. They have cultivated enough neutrality to allow you your own experience, rather than becoming 'lit up' by encountering your issues.

So what to look for is an individual with a healthy balance of compassion, awareness and neutrality. These three qualities are the natural results of personal and spiritual growth. In this way your healer can serve as a role model for what is possible, while still remaining humbly aware that we are all humans with more to learn.

Let me know if you have a question about clairvoyance or energy healing.

Author's Bio: 

Laurie Lamson is healer dedicated to empowering others. Her unique 'soul medicine' approach is a synthesis of advanced energy healing and medical intuitive techniques derived from many years of study and practical experience.