Taking the California bar exam is probably the most exciting as well the most challenging phase in becoming a lawyer. Knowing that, with just a few more steps and you’ll finally achieve your dream. But choosing the right California Bar Exam Review Course can be difficult. There are numerous courses online not to mention choosing between online and face-to-face tutoring.

So we’ve listed here some of the best features to look for in a California Bar Exam Review Course.

1. Price: May is not the most important for some, but getting your money’s worth takes your mind at ease especially during the exam. Being a law student does not come cheap and for examiners who're not taking the exam for the first time knows it’s best to spend resources wisely.

The more popular California Bar Exam Review Courses can range from $3500 to $3900. There are courses that are under $2000 but may not provide the full comprehensive courses such as only providing licensed questions from the NCBE.

2. Flexible and Comprehensive Review Course: Choose a bar exam review course that covers fundamental legal principles as well as comprehensive coverage of all major topics. Self-assessment exams, one-on-one tutorials, video lectures, and essay personalized grader are some general teaching methods that your course should offer. Hard-copies of the review course should also be available for review.

3. Professors who are Practicing Lawyers: Taking a peek at your instructors’ credentials can both inspire and assure you that you’re taking the best advice based on real-life expertise. A practicing lawyer with advanced legal writing credentials, for instance, can give you real strategic advice when it comes to your essay writing.

In addition, find a course that guides you on how to write effectively on long hours, although, California Bar Exams allow laptop usage but with an extra cost.

Furthermore, the online California Bar Exam Review Course should adopt the online education pedagogy methods.

4. Transparent Feedbacks from Past Reviewers: Most online bar exam courses have a feedback section on their websites. Run through them and analyze the passing rate they have achieved.

5. Approachable Mentors: As one of the most difficult bar exams in the U.S. you’ll need all the support you need. Customer service should be open to questions and online customer care should be free anytime you need assistance.

Choosing between an online course or having a tutor for your bar exam really depends on your needs. You may combine both traditional and online courses if but an overwhelming study schedule may lead to burnout.

The bottom line is finding the best California Bar Exam Review Course is identifying your needs and your strengths. The more streamlined the services you get the more time you have to focus on the more difficult topics you need to cover. You won’t cram and above else, you’ll feel confident in taking that leap in becoming the next successful lawyer in California.

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