When it comes to cutting fruits, herbs, seeds, vegetables in a kitchen a cutting board are a very essential part of the kitchen. A cutting board is something that protects and facilitate easy cutting of vegetables, fruits, seeds or whatever it is. Here is a buying guide that could help you purchase the best cutting board from the market today.

a. Type of cutting board

Cutting board could generally refer to the boards used to facilitate easy cutting of food without actually making a mess. Cutting boards today come made of different materials

1. End grain wood – The features offered by this type of cutting boards resembles a butcher’s wood block. The exterior appearance of the board will be like fibers or straws going up and down. The common way of identifying end grain wood cutting board is to look for the straws standing up and while cutting these fibers or straw moves apart and they come back as a self-healing process.

2. Edge grain wood – This type of cutting cable is less efficient than end grain wood cutting board. However, efficient than rubber cutting board, edge grain cutting boards come with a disadvantage of splitting while great force is applied and it leaves the knife marks. This type of cutting boards is cheap but cleaning and maintenance is a bit complicated.

3. Polyvinyl Acetate – This type of cutting board is the best alternative for a wood cutting board, one of the notable things about this product is that it comes with almost no disadvantages. The entire product is efficient like a wooden cutting board and is easy to clean when compared to other types of cutting boards.

4. Rubber – Rubber cutting boards are good, but not, as efficient as, wood or Polyvinyl Acetate cutting boards. Rubber cutting boards are easy to clean and they are good with sharp knives.

5. High Density Polyethylene – If you need the most durable plastic cutting board, then High Density Polyethylene is the best choice that you could get. However, this type of cutting board could prove an issue if the knife used is too sharp as it could leave marks on the board in which bacteria could grow or dirt could accumulate. However, if you are using a knife without sharp edges, then you could consider purchasing this type cutting board.

6. Bamboo, glass, and stone – We do not recommend that you consider purchasing any one of the types as they could destroy the knife sharpness and or the board itself could break or prove unhealthy after few uses.

b. Size of the board

The dimension of the cutting board is very important when it comes to selecting the best one. It is always recommended that you purchase a cutting board that could suit your cutting requirement, so first, decide the purpose of getting the cutting board and then select the size.

c. Functionality

Whichever type of cutting board you consider purchasing, is all of a personal choice, however, make sure that you purchase a board that the cutting board that you select is scratch resistant and made of high quality material only. Always go for a product that comes from top brands and not local brands.

d. Juice trench

This feature is very important if you plan to cut meat or anything that could emit juice. You will not appreciate a messy cutting experience right, this is why we recommend that you consider purchasing a cutting board with efficient juice trenches.


Cutting board is very important when it comes to cutting in a modern kitchen or a kitchen to remain clean. Consider the facts listed above and it could help you get the best cutting boards. Thank You!

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