The reach of Initial Coin Offerings is increasing day by day. But with this increase, there are also numerous scammers who attack newbie. The reason behind is, nowadays, it’s easy to create a whitepaper which can be added to a customized landing page along with a wallet address. For a novice, it seems to be genuine, but they fall prey to such scams.

Most of you already consider ICO Reviews before investing in ICO but there are others who omit this research and lose their investment. For such people, it’s important to know some points that you should always consider prior to your ICO investment.

Check for Team members: This is always a necessity to ask about the team members before you invest in the ICO. Whether they have a newcomer or an experienced team, they must be able to respond to each and every query. You should consider the experience of the team members in the field of Cryptocurrency. But if they deny to introduce you to their team, think before you invest in their ICO.

Check the Whitepapers: Whitepapers are the soul of the company that offers the ICO. For every ICO operator, it’s important to have a whitepaper that includes entire information about the project along with some other detailed queries. The whitepaper also includes the information related to rights of user, which you can use at the hour of need. While checking the whitepaper, you should check the correct structure. The more you find in the whitepaper, the convenient it will be for you to invest.

ICO Platform: The platform on which ICO is being offered is an important and considerable point for every investor. You should check how credible the platform is before you put your first investment. If you encounter an unknown ICO platform that you suspect to be insecure, it's better to find an alternative and protect your investment.

Check Company’s Past: It’s important to verify the existence of the organization that is offering the ICO. If it is a new company, you should think about other considerable factors. However, in case of a company with healthy past and knows, the way blockchain can work effectively, you can invest your money with the peace of mind.

Token Determination: You can make a request to know about the ICO participants from the company. And there are always certain tokens that the company reserves for themselves. SO you can even ask for the reserved tokens. If you found their tokens to be circulating in the market, the probability to earn a profit will be high. Also, your knowledge of each coin price will strengthen their foundation as well as your investment.

Here you should keep in mind that being an unregulated means to invest your money in Cryptocurrency; you have never a support from the government in case you invest in a fake Cryptocurrency holder. So, you should read the above-given points thoroughly and research well prior to taking your step further. Your initial research to find the best ICO will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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