Precious allies to protect us from the sun but also to shield us from flashes and artificial lights while playing sports or driving, to cover dark circles after a busy night, give yourself an aura of mystery or simply give a trendy touch to your look: there is always a good reason to wear a pair of sunglasses!

The important thing is that they are the most suitable for us: let's find out how to choose the perfect sunglasses in four steps.

  1. The shape of the frame

Iconic shapes such as aviators, wayfarers or cat-eyes, but also innovative and futuristic frames: you can expect anything from sunglasses! Yet it is said that what you see in the shooting fashion go well for you: in the choice of frame is in fact essential to take into account the shape of your face, a little 'how to choose a dress must consider the proportions of the body.

In general, women's sunglasses have larger and more sinuous shapes, while the best sunglasses for men in india tend to be craft simpler and more essential glasses for guys, but there is an ocean of possibilities in between. To avoid mistakes, choose a frame that contrasts the shape of the face: as a general rule, a round face will be enhanced by a square or rectangular frame, while a square face will require rounded frames.

For a triangular, heart or diamond face, instead, green light for frames with a vintage flavor such as the unisex brow line or the super feminine cat-eye. Those with an oval face are particularly lucky: in all likelihood it will look good with any frame!

  1. The color of the frame

To further orientate yourself among the many options and understand how to choose the best sunglasses, it is also important to evaluate the color of the frame, which must harmonize with our complexion and hair.

For a cold complexion, sunglasses with green, blue, pink or silver frames are good. Conversely, for a warm complexion the best colors are brown, nude, gold or red which, together with the iconic tortoiseshell, will particularly enhance those with hair in warm shades of blond and brown.

The red hair will be at their finest shades of green, but if you have them blacks can bet on blue frames, brown, black or red. Finally, graying hair will look good with brightly colored glasses that can spice it up.

  1. The color of the lens

The third aspect to consider when choosing sunglasses is the color of the lens. This is not a purely aesthetic option because each nuance has its own characteristics and must be chosen both on the basis of the use we plan to make of the glasses, and on any visual defects.

The gray or green lenses, for example, render the colors very faithfully and are suitable for those suffering from hyperopia. Lenses in warm colors such as red and orange are a salvation for occasions of strong brightness (for example in snow sports), because they give great comfort to the eye and help to better perceive depth.

Browns and yellows are recommended for short-sighted people because they allow you to better capture color contrasts, and for this reason they are loved by golfers, tennis players and hunters. Yellow lenses are also ideal for cloudy or foggy days.

  1. The category of the lens, that is: how dark should it be?

Finally, there is one last aspect to keep in mind to understand how to choose sunglasses, which is the degree of darkness of the lens, which corresponds to a universally defined category or shade based on an ISO standard that assigns a value to each filter.

These 5 categories differ in an increasing level of darkness and consequently in light absorption. They range from category 0 sunglasses (or shade A) - the lightest - which absorb between 0 and 20% of sunlight, to category 4 (shade E) - the darkest, which absorb 91 98% light.

If the former is suitable for cloudy days, dark hours or indoor environments, the latter are ideal for extreme situations such as high mountains or the open sea.

The most common category is 3 (Hue D), with dark lenses and a degree of absorption of sunlight between 82 and 90%. With these glasses you can be on the safe side for all outdoor activities on days where the sun is intense and for daytime driving in the brightest hours.

The categories are useful for choosing the right eyewear, but always remember that the last word, in this as in the other three aspects we have seen, will be given by the degree of comfort of your eyes and how you see yourself in the mirror! 


The arrival of summer always implies the addition of sunglasses to each of our outfits. From the office to free time, this accessory becomes a necessity that knows how to emphasize personal style at the same time. Men's fashion tends to be rigorous in terms of eyewear, offering classic models or reinterpretations of vintage originals, daring, more than in design, in materials, using metal, acetate, polycarbonate and polarized lenses. Practical, versatile and above all indispensable, sunglasses are a must-have accessory for the summer.

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