If there is a personal or business matter that needs to be discreetly investigated, a private investigative firm could be the right choice. But it is imperative the right firm or individual be chosen. Not only can a poor choice waste time and money, but it can jeopardize the situation if future work is undertaken. Unfortunately the UK does not require any specific training, qualification or licensing for individuals who provide investigation services. One must do their own investigation to find an experienced and reputable resource.

An online search for "private investigations London" provides a staggering number of entries. It is not easy to tell if the firm simply has a good web designer or the real goods to carry out an investigation. It is useful to have some criteria to use for wading through the entries and finding the best possible resource for one's job.

One of the first things to check is the experience of the agency or individual. This should be referenced on the website and if not, one should be wary about including the firm on one's short list for consideration. It is also worthwhile checking if the firm is a member of any of the larger investigation associations like the ABI or WAPI. The ABI (Association of British Investigators) and WAPI (World Association of Private Investigators) are reputable bodies that regulate and monitor their member's work and practices. To be admitted an agency must provide background on experience, training and procedures. Whilst these associations do protect the integrity of the industry and so membership is a good indication of reputation. One can also use the association's website as a resource for finding firms and checking on their Code of Ethics.

Another online resource that is helpful is ratings and feedback forums. Just about every product and services category has a forum where businesses or individuals can relay experience with various firms. Take the time to read through entries to see if any of the agencies you are considering pops up. It may confirm (positively or negatively) your decision to include them further in your search.

After this initial research you'll need to make contact with each agency to discuss specifics and further research the firm's suitability for your needs. This is an important conversation, so be sure to take notes and be prepared. Find out how long the agency has been in business and the experience, training and education of the associates. A firm that has not been in business for decades is not necessarily reason to disqualify them, but the personnel should have the right training and experience.

During this conversation one should provide a brief overview of their needs. At this point too much detail is not needed - just enough so the agency can provide relevant information on their experience and approach to similar situations. With the basic facts of the case the agency should be able to broadly explain their methods, tactics and technology applications to get the job done.

During this initial discussion one should also find out about fee structure. An hourly rate is the standard, but in some cases like performing a background check, a fixed charge could be applied. Also inquire about how expenses, such as travel, meals or other resources, are billed. A private investigation can be quite expensive so it is important to understand all the possible charges and fees in advance.

It does take some work to find the right private investigator, but the effort will be well worth it. If one is going to the expense to hire a firm, be sure they can do the job correctly.

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