Chiropractic care is considered a holistic as well as a preventive medical approach that can effectively address a range of health conditions.

Chiropractic care efficiently addresses various health conditions related to the bones, nerves, muscles and spine. This natural treatment focuses on keeping the spinal cord and nervous system intact for overall well-being.

Some conditions that can be successfully addressed by chiropractic treatment are low back pain, neck pain, headache, sciatica, shoulder pain, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic pain and herniated disc.

Some Facts about Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is ideal for addressing health issues related to the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. It is a drug-free treatment in which a hands-on approach is used to examine, diagnose and treat patients.

Spinal injuries usually occur due to incorrect posture, improper lifting of objects, and accidents. These injuries cause pain, inflammation and reduced functionality. The spinal adjustment is one of the widely approved chiropractic techniques that can restore flexibility and range of motion. Chiropractic treatment lessens pain and muscle stiffness and increases blood flow. This in turn improves the immune system and allows quick healing of tissues. Chiropractors often take advantage of highly advanced treatment modalities such as TENS, ultrasound and traction to improve the therapeutic power of the treatment.

Techniques Used in Chiropractic Care

Here are some techniques used to provide chiropractic treatment.

  • Full spine specific technique to treat severe back pain
  • Extremity manipulating or adjusting technique to cure pain in the joints
  • Activator technique that utilizes handheld equipment instead of the hands to apply force on joints
  • Gonstead technique in which the hands are used to adjust the misalignment of spinal discs, muscles, ligaments or joints.
  • Thompson technique is a specialty procedure that uses ‘drop table’ for manipulation
  • Cox Flexion or distraction technique in which the hands as well as mechanical assistance is utilized.

Chiropractic practitioners formulate effective treatment schedules incorporating rehabilitative exercises, patient education, dietary programs and lifestyle counseling.

Some Advantages Offered by Chiropractic Treatment Are:

  • Preventive and natural approach
  • Activates the body’s natural capability to heal
  • Requires no drugs or surgery
  • No significant side effects. Rarely causes discomfort, aching or soreness after the treatment.

Importance of Finding a Reputable Pain Management Center

It is very important that you identify a reputable healthcare center for obtaining chiropractic care. Ideally, the facility should be one providing personalized treatment and the service of qualified and experienced chiropractors and other physicians. Choose a pain clinic that provides quality and comprehensive medical care, and is responsive to the individual requirements of the patients. Usually, renowned healthcare centers adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to treat pain, which ensures more effective results.

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