Most people are looking for alternative fabrics that are more Eco-friendly and sustainable as compared to the traditional ones. Fabrics like cotton occupy plenty of valuable cropland and in the process many rain forests are destroyed. This is a reason for bamboo fabric becoming popular nowadays. Its fast growth rate and the density of growing make it a highly sustainable plant. The structure of bamboo is ideal for manufacturing fabric and the process is quite similar to the process of manufacturing fabric from hemp and flax.

Bamboo is grown without any pesticides or fertilizer; hence bamboo fabric is ideal for the manufacture of infant and baby clothing. As the usage of chemicals is being highly increased to improve the yield of cotton fields, the traces of these chemicals end up in the finished product.

This is quite harmful especially for infants and babies whose skin is highly sensitive. This is the growing and development age for children and anything that may compromise their health should be avoided. Some fabrics also off-gas the chemicals that are applied to the fabric to make them softer and stain resistant. This is something to be considered while purchasing sleeping wear for infants.

Bamboo fabric is made from bamboo grass pulp. The fabric that is obtained from it has some natural properties that make it a great choice for use in clothing. First, it is exceptionally strong. Everyone knows the strength of bamboo (it is used as scaffolding in most Asian countries) and this resilience is extended to the fabric created. It is also very lightweight and has natural wicking ability so it removes moisture from the skin.

Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties. This is due to a property known as "bamboo Kun" which is naturally occurring. Bamboo is naturally pest resistant and so makes the bamboo fabric also resistant to pests. A test by the China Industrial Testing Center found that 100% bamboo fabric exhibited a 99.8% bacterial kill rate in a 24-hour period. This is another terrific quality that makes it ideal for baby clothing.

To make fabric from bamboo the pulp is created and the bamboo fiber separated. The obtained fabric is then spun into cloth. As the fiber strands are very light they make bamboo cloth very soft as the fiber is smooth and round, with no barbs or spurs. It is also hypoallergenic so babies are less likely to get skin irritation and rash from clothing.

Clothing made from bamboo fabric is not widely available yet, but can be found online very easily. Generally this is not a problem when looking for baby clothing as it is a growing market. A wide variety of styles and color is available.

If one is looking for a more environment friendly fabric which also has excellent natural properties, bamboo is a great choice. One can find all kinds of baby clothing in many popular styles and colors. The strength of bamboo gets incorporated into the fabric so it really holds up well. It can be something that will be long lasting and even passed down generations.

Visit any online store and check out the styles and variety of the clothing and know for yourself that how beautiful bamboo baby clothes can be. You'll be doing well for your baby and the environment.

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