At any given time, about 90 per cent of your hair are growing. This growth phase lasts from2 to 6 years. About 10 per cent of hair on your scalp is in the resting phase, which can last for 2-3 months. Once this phase ends, hair shed. The empty space is soon filled with a new hair produced by the same follicle. This is normal growth cycle. Any disturbance in this leads to baldness or hair thinning. You may need to see a dermatologist for hair loss in this case.

According to doctors, it is normal to lose 50-100 hair strands every day. These are hair that have completed their life cycle. Some people even lose up to 150 hair daily. However, if you lose anything more than this, you need to see a hair specialist.

What to expect on a dermatologist visit?

Your dermatologist will first ask you your medical history and health status. He or she may ask whether you are on medications, what illnesses you have had before, whether you had a surgery recently. These are factors that can trigger hair loss. Follicles go in a shock, especially after a surgery or long, severe illness. They stop producing hair. It may take some time to normalize their function.

Your dermatologist may prescribe you a treatment or hair growth stimulating shampoos to “wake up” the follicles.

If you are healthy, your dermatologist will examine your scalp. A lot of scalp diseases trigger hair loss. Dandruff is one of them.

If needed, you may need to undergo a scalp biopsy.

In case your scalp shows issues, the dermatologist will prescribe appropriate scalp treatment. Even excessively dry and flaky scalp can trigger hair loss. You may need to change your sulfate-laden shampoos, as they are quite harsh on hair. They even leave residues on scalp over time. This can choke follicles and disrupt normal function.

Your dermatologist for hair loss may recommend mild shampoos containing nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

Hair loss due to genes

When hair loss is due to genes, you may need to use powerful hair growth formula that maintain follicle function.

Androgenic alopeciatreatment is available. You can also use hair growth shampoos and conditioners. Apart from encouraging hair growth, they nourish hair and make your hair appear voluminous and fuller.

One thing you must never do when suffering from hair loss is lose hope. It is possible to treat hair loss condition and revive your healthy, fuller mane.

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