So is it the first time you are taking deep tissue massage? Well, you need to get a fair of amount info about it. It's undoubtedly not going to blow the brains out of their socket, nor will it leave you on cloud nine with all those nonchalant touches that you may have heard about.


Deep tissue massage is a different ball game, and that's why you need some extra bit of info that will make you feel a bit more at ease!


Deep tissue massage means a deep stuff


Okay, it’s time to spill the bean! Deep tissue massage is indeed deep tissue stuff. Just like other forms of massages, this variety involves a vast plethora of techniques. They go a long way in easing the sore muscles, repairing them and alleviating the pain.


Now, what's the difference between deep tissue massage conducted in Richmond and the other forms of massage? This massage involves techniques wherein the therapist would apply pressure on specific areas, which will reach to even the deepest layers of the tissues that surround the muscles along with the tissues that lay even deeper.


The objective of this massage is to break the scar tissues deep inside the muscles, which have formed out of injury or wear and tear for a prolonged period. 


Will it hurt? Yes, it will


Let’s be bang on - it is going to hurt and will be an issue of a little discomfort if you are taking the massage for the first time. You may feel a bit of pain, at least till the muscles remain tight. Just a few simple maneuvers and you will be at ease though! They are more than enough to ease the muscles.


The reason behind this is pretty apparent. The pressure that is applied varies in terms of intensity, and it is this, which does all the good at the end, easing the stiffed muscles. 


Relaxing is the key


When it comes to taking a deep tissue, be it a full body massage in South Yarra or massaging a particular area of the body, relaxing is the key to enjoy it. You must relax if you do not want to mess the entire session up! Try as much as you can to unwind the muscles and let them be as they are, and relax.


This will help the masseur to achieve the muscle relaxation objectives that you are looking to meet in the long run. After the session, you need to stretch a bit and avoid overworking the muscles for at least a day. This will give your muscles some time to rehab.


An Ice Session


You can expect an ice session once you are done with the massage. It may be for the entire body, or for a few particular parts. In general, an ice bath is for those parts of the body that have taken the deepest pressure. This will help in the reduction of inflammation, and negate the possibility of pain and swelling.


You have to drink a modest amount of water following the session as this will help your body to flux out the toxins.


 So that’s it! There’s nothing to worry about if you are taking it for the first time. Just relax and enjoy the session as the masseur does it for you!

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The author is the owner of a massage center that conducts full body massage in South Yarra. The author is also associated with another institution that is a specialist in deep tissue massage conducted in Richmond.