Driving is an acquired skill. It is something that you do not develop by default. It takes regular practice to master the art of driving. On one hand, you need to be well accustomed to the components of the cars and their functionalities. Besides, you need to be familiar with the features of the roads, and other technical details of driving. All these accumulate together to make you a good driver.  

It may seem pretty cool to hold a driving license, but in reality, the journey isn't easy. If you have a passion for driving and want to hone your driving skills, enroll in a quality driving school in Blacktown and avail the guidance of the best professional instructors.

Clear Your Basic Concepts Before Hitting the Road

A few people consider driving lessons to be time-consuming and lengthy but practically speaking, it is not so. It all depends upon your ability to grasp the subject at the earliest and follow the instructions of your guide carefully.

In general, driving courses include theoretical and practical training. At first, you need to be acquainted with the roads, learn the traffic rules and get familiar with the traffic signs. Traffic signs are silent indicators of road. For the person behind the wheels, it is essential to have a sound knowledge about road safety signs. Some common traffic signs you need to know:

  • U-turn and 3point turn Sign
  • No Bicycle and Heavy Vehicle Sign
  • Pedestrian Crossing Sign
  • Speed Limit Indicators
  • Stop and Yield Signs

It is not only essential to follow them but equally important to know their significance. That's where the role of a driving instructor comes into the play. They teach you how to identify the road conditions ahead, what are the rules to be followed at interjections or crossroads. They also provide you with a complete tutorial of traffic rules to abide by.

If you are unaware of the traffic rules, you may be penalised or may have to pay an on-spot fine for violating traffic norms. Moreover, it can lead to loss of life or property at the worst. Before hitting the roads, you should make yourself familiar with the narrow lanes, streets, crowded roads so that you can drive comfortably in any situation.

If you love driving, you will surely not want to make it a nerve-wracking experience! If you get admitted to a famous driving school in Blacktown, you will learn the smart hacks of safe and enjoyable driving that no one can suggest you ever!

Once you have a clear understanding of these basic concepts, you become eligible for practical hands-on training.

What All Are Included in Practical Training?

Even if you have your basic concepts clear, appearing for the final test can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, there are ways by which you can conquer your nerves and pass the test with flying colours at the very first attempt. For that, you need to know a few common driving tactics, which include:

Parallel Parking: It is essential for you to know when you need to perform parallel parking. It is a mandate of every driving test as it determines your proficiency in controlling the vehicle tactfully.  

Night Driving: Some people struggle with visibility while driving at night. At night, the driver's vision is usually narrowed down to the view illuminated by the headlights, and road lights. The instructor’s suggestions in these cases, thus come in handy.

Driving on Over bridges: Highways and over bridges can give you the ultimate driving pleasure. However, the risks are no way less. The instructors of the driving school in Chatswood will be able to guide you on the speed limit and turns while driving on bridges and highways. 


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The author runs a driving school in Blacktown, Wetherill Park and is also a driving expert. The author also writes blogs regularly.