“One day you have everything and next day you have nothing" a very famous quote which tells us how important time is. Time flies. Everything is flying so fast that it seems that with the magic pencil time is doing wonders. Isn't it? We cry for a moment and are happy at the other moment. This is life. Sometimes we question our existence. We question ourselves as to who we are. This universe is so big that we hardly know what is happening above this life in-universe. Everything is made up of particles science says.


A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking teaches us about the wonders of life. How everything works according to science. The big bang theory, the laws etc. It also tells about this long unlimited earth. It shows us the value of time that people waste. It tells us about the importance of life and the importance of our lives. It tells us how time goes and teaches us a lot of things. It teaches us how our studies are made up of. How this circle of life works. It also tells us about all the intelligent people who proved themselves with their intelligence and potential. It tells the importance of human beings and other things which are all made up of particles. Minute particles that grow into a whole.

Secrets of the Universe

It tells us about the secrets of the universe. It tells us about how a small thing can prove a big theory like an apple falling from a tree which is known as the law of gravity. How one thing revolves around the other. How the human being jumps from past to future and future to past. It teaches us to live in the present because the future is unpredictable. A Brief History of Time teaches us that science is constantly working. It teaches us the working of planets and stars, the working of energies, the way we feel, write, laugh etc. It also teaches us that objects move and there is science behind this.

Theories and Black Holes

The tells us about the speed of light, the theory of relativity, the theory of gravity, black hole etc. This universe is so big that things will keep happening and research will keep going. The thermodynamic arrow of time, the psychological arrow of time and cosmological arrow of time makes us realize that we will jump into the future soon. Despite ample no. of obstacles we have a realization that time is ours. We have time. We have a future. Some forces make us live today and depend on things for our living. As the world is growing modern, we will have an ample number of things in the future that we don’t even know about.


Physics is complex but we have a lot of theories and laws to make it simpler. The universe is a mystery that will unfold its layers one by one, as explained in A Brief History of Time. Once we begin to see and understand it we can see the universe in a new light. People can have beliefs in life with the help of the right science. Time is relative but we hardly know that it impacts our lives. We can measure our lives with other things. Where is our house? Where are we? Take a pause and realize the importance of life.

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