An abortion is rarely an easy decision to make and is something that will require significant contemplation. It can quite often help to visit your local abortion clinic if you are unsure about terminating the fetus or deciding to proceed with the pregnancy. These clinics provide much more than just abortions, despite the fact that most people think that is all they are doing. Often it helps to see a medical professional if you are trying to decide if the best option for you is to go through with an abortion. A counseling service is also available to help you make your ultimate decision on which way to proceed.

Once you are certain you want to continue with an abortion, the abortion pill is sometimes the most effective method. This method is non-invasive and has a high success rate of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. An abortion could even be performed inside a clinic as another option. This will generally be the recommended procedure if the woman is more than eight weeks past her menstrual period. The morning after pill is also usually provided by the abortion clinic. Contrary to what some may believe, this is not just like an abortion pill and does not actually cause an abortion. This is a pill that is taken after unprotected intercourse takes place and is not very different than the birth control pill. The morning after pill works to prevent a pregnancy from developing by preventing the ovaries from producing an egg.

Yet another thing that a clinic provides is counseling, which is very important as many women who enter a clinic may understandably, be in a state of stress. A woman might be feeling guilt and anxiety; a counselor will comfort the patient and support her decision whatever that choice may be. Unless the patient’s life may be at risk, no counselor will ever encourage a woman to commence with an abortion.

A clinic even offers a variety of other services related to a women’s health. These services might include a regular gynecological exam to evaluate that the reproductive organs, among other things are functioning as normal. It is also imperative that you receive testing to detect other health conditions such as chlamydia, genital warts, HPV, and herpes virus. Even services such as breast as well as cervical cancer screenings are available. It is essential for early detection of the disease to make sure that the problems are managed in the early stages of the disease's development.

Many times an abortion clinic is thought of more as a women's clinic due to the diverse range of services they offer. This is simply because the clinic’s first and foremost emphasis is to ensure the health and well-being of the patient. In fact, abortions actually only make up a small percentage of the services provided. Most women in fact visit a clinic for other conditions like regular health checkups. A clinic for abortion provides comfort to a woman regardless of whether she intends on carrying through with an abortion or will need a screening or routine health examination. For those who do plan on having an abortion, a doctor will have you undergo a preliminary exam to determine what the options are. This helps assist you to make a decision for yourself with your own health and well being in mind.

While abortion is a sensitive and touchy topic, a clinic that provides abortions can empower a woman so that she has the knowledge and information to make her own decision based on what is best for her and not on what others think.

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