Couple's Massage

Ever received a couple’s massage? If not, then, you’re really missing out on something very exciting, as well as, relaxing and soothing. In fact, it is an intimate experience. If you’re planning to go for a couples massage Westminster spa service, here’s some background information that could help you know what to expect –

Couples massage – what really is it?

A couples massage is not as cumbersome as you think it is. It is simply going along with a friend or a significant other to get massaged together by two therapists simultaneously. A basic couples massage Westminster spa will have relaxing conditions and features that will ensure that you and your partner enjoy your visit. To receive a massage as couples, you could pay for a short session or even a longer session which will require some more money. Regardless of what you pay, the experience is worthwhile and you both will be very happy.

It is okay to have a meal before you go for a couples massage Westminster service. However, you should have a meal earlier so that you do not have to lie with your belly full. Also, do not make a 7 pm reservation for dinner when you are going to get a 5:30 Pm massage. This will lead you to be in a rush and will leave you unable to enjoy your massage.

Arriving early – any perks?

Many couples massage Westminster spas give you access to its pools, saunas, gym, as well as other amenities once you make a reservation. You could simply make use of that as so many persons do not really tap into those benefits. Many spas include complimentary access to fitness centers, saunas, pools, and other amenities with treatment reservations.

Even if your couples massage Westminster spa does not offer such perks, it is still a nice idea to show up quite early so as to give yourselves and the therapists the time to really get set instead of rushing around. It is cool if you arrive as much as 20 minutes earlier than your scheduled time.

Must couple get the same treatment?

Of course not. There are still personalized consultations offered by massage therapists. Every individual has needs or wants that are peculiar to their own body. Feelings and moods might be different too. For example, someone might feel a tension in their shoulders while another could need special attention on their feet if they just had surgery.

Then again, focus areas are not the only point of consideration. Couples should have the freedom to inquire about various modalities. A person who simply wants to relax could opt for Swedish while someone who wishes to get a treatment that is more therapeutic can go for the deep tissue massage. There is no limit to what couples can explore.

Including add-ons in your couples massage

If one of the partners is probably stressed at work, you could request for aromatherapy because the scented oils being used play a vital role in calming the mind more effectively than just massage would do. You could, also, add hot stones if the day has been a cold one.

Champagne? Well, that’s possible. Many couples massage Westminster spas provide champagne with the service but try to moderate your intake, especially, after the massage because your circulatory system will be a lot fired up and quickly. Ensure that your water consumption is increased too.

Must you go along with your spouse?

There’s no code that says you must. Although a couples massage can be sort of a romantic setting between couples, there are a lot of platonic couples that come through for the service. What matters is that you choose a partner that you can have a great experience with.

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