With all the toxins that exist around us, it is impossible to maintain a clean, healthy body without a periodical detox program. This type of diet is usually rather tough and straining for the body, since it is meant to help your system dislodge the foreign, unwanted substances from tissues and organs. The detox diet is, or should be, very well structured, scientifically informed, so that it has the desired effect, without damaging your physiological functions. After this period you will start to eat your usual diet, but it is important to take a small time between the two of them so your body can accommodate.

This way you don’t over stress the metabolism and digestive system with a brisk passage from one diet to the other. This intermediate step is the one we will talk about now, because it is usually easily overlooked.

A solution for your diet after detox is to introduce easy digestible foods, one by one. This means that you should prefer vegetables cut in small pieces and germinated plants (sprouts), prepared into salads, with lemon juice and olive oil, for example. This should help your digestive system to pass easier from a mainly liquid diet to a solid one. I would suggest that you stay away from meat, eggs and dairy (if you are not a vegetarian anyway) for the first week or so. It is also important to avoid hard to stomach sauces and dressings. If you drown your salad in all kinds of grease and additives it will be of no use to you. Better try some natural spices like a little pepper and oregano or even thyme or cardamom.

Another advice would be to avoid eating too much in the first days after finishing your detox diet. Try to limit yourself at small servings and better eat more often than fill your stomach with more than it can take. Remember your body just went through a stressful period when a lot of accumulated toxins were circulating through it in order to be evacuated. You need to let it “breath” and rest.

It is important not to forget drinking water, at least the minimum of half a gallon (two liters) per day; however, avoid doing it during your meals and right after, because water will dilute your gastric secretion and will affect digestion. Let at least one hour pass before drinking it.

After a week of transition you may eat your normal diet, but keep in mind that stuffing your body with toxins all over again won’t do you any good. Try to choose your food so it will be as free of unwanted substances as possible and your next detox diet won’t be so harsh.

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