Do you know? Depression is made of "deep rest session" which  means you aren't doing anything, just thinking and resting. While you are relaxing your mind is racing but still you don't have that confidence to get up and make the racing world unrace.

There's a list of things you should do when you feel depressed or you're on the verge of being depressed.

1. Do not waste time in layinig.

People especially teenagers worry about their careers, what to pursue after their completion of higher secondary education, they waste their whole year or more to know about their passion wholeheartedly and end up lying leisureful.

2. Stop Overthinking, or else use it well.

People generally aren't risk-takers. They give up easily to their hopes thinking about the pessimism. Despite of giving a start to their dreams, they surrender and make themselves vulnerable to over thinking. For instance if someone has the passion about being an author he wants his first book to be published but if the content is that catchy, the publishers won't agree. What will he do? Overthink right? Much probably yes... But he won't give up till he gets satisfied with his work, the same way you have to utilise it right. 

3. Do not let insomnia win

"Early to bed and early to rise" we have been hearing this phrase since our childhood but are we even following it? Absolutely not, even if we feel dizzy we don't take the warnings seriously and then complain about "health issues", " I didn't sleep well" and all that. Sleep is also an essential part of life. The sleep hours change from age to age.

•Children aged 3-5 years need 11-13 hours of sleep at night.

• 6-9 years aged need 10-11 hours of sleep at night.

• children of 10 years of age need 9 hours of sleep.

• adults including teenagers need 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

Mostly teenagers and adults can't cope up with this situation because of their busy schedules, relationship issues, marital issues and family problems.

Even if they want to sleep, their racing mind won't let them. They take the problems at zenith even if its not and start taking sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are really not the good concern. You get addicted to them like its not your want it's your need. And you feel proud to say "I'm insomniac".

4. Never shirk from your duties.

Instead you're having a complete breakdown through overburden of responsibilities, exempting from them isn't the right way. You're the master of your own will but neglecting the responsibilities won't give you relief. It will give you nightmares. For instance of you're the self-own man and you're upbringing yourself like doing a job away from familiy , renting a house and all, but all these are afforded with difficulties, so shirking away will create more problems and at least you're busy with your quotidian lifestyle so that you won't have time to stare at the walls vacantly and being depressed.

5 who said you're lonely? Well books can be friends with anyone.

Read whenever you feel lonely, gloomy, miserable and downhearted. The best part about books is that they can fill your spare time anywhere.

 "You recently had a breakup?" Read a book. You're losing morale? Read a book, as books will not demotivate you ever.

"How to fill your leisure time?" Rearranging the past negative outcome? Depression alert!!... Depression alert!!.

Visit your coffee houses and library. Read the facts which you find interesting.

6 enchant the "I can do it" mantras.

Muster "espirit de corps" and shoo away your melancholic depression.

Make depression vulnerable so that it won't dare to hug you back.

Always do new things everyday. Cheer-up people who are dealing with  this trauma and tell them to cheer other three, maintain this cycle and make everyone depression freeeeee!!!

Author's Bio: 

Himanshi Arora is a freelance writer and a motivational blogger. She gives lives to her fictions also.