If you discover that your doctor does not cover the cost of medical care that your doctor thinks that you need, then do not despair. There are steps that you can take to try to change their minds. Here are four ideas to get the care that your doctor recommends.

Appeal the Decision

Your insurance company has a policy on how you can appeal a decision that they have made. Locate that policy allowing you to follow the steps to file an appeal. Often, the insurance company may have made the mistake in error. Filing an appeal moves it up to people in more powerful positions within the company who may see things in your favor. Do not hesitate, however, as many companies give you a limited time to act.

Talk to Your Care Provider

You may find that talking to your doctor or care provider offers new solutions. Since medical insurance companies change what they cover on a regular basis, the doctor may be able to find a solution that will be covered. Other times, they may be able to set you up with samples from their office. Still, other times, they may know of a trial covering the medicine that you need. One of the worse things you can do, however, is to ignore their advice without communicating with them.

Ask Your Doctor for an Exception

Many insurance companies will grant exceptions if the medical care provider believes it is the only solution that will work for you. The provider should have paperwork that they can fill out and send it to the insurance company. Often times, the insurance company will suddenly be willing to cover the charges. Other times, they will hold a meeting to further discuss the need. Either way, chances are that you will get the care that you need.

Hire a Lawyer

Sometimes, a letter from a lawyer, like Smith, Jordan, & Lavery, P.A. Attorneys at Law, is enough to make the insurance company change their minds. The truth is that insurance companies know that it is usually cheaper to pay for care than fight a case in court. They also do not want the bad publicity that often comes with these cases. Therefore, having a lawyer write a quick letter often brings about almost instantaneous results in your favor. If a court case, needs to follow, then you already have taken the first step.

If your insurance company fails to pay for treatment that your doctor recommends, then you need to take action to make sure that you receive the treatment that you deserve. Follow these steps is a great place to start.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.