Cars are incredibly important to today's society, but like any other machine, vehicles have a lifespan. The following are some things you can do with your junk car.

Sell the Parts

Just because your vehicle is no longer in working condition doesn't mean there aren't good parts. Those with a classic car can sell original parts to collectors who are trying to fix their vehicles. Sometimes, the parts in classic vehicles are quite rare, which helps you make a good profit.

Finding buyers can be challenging. For small parts, be sure to advertise online to increase the chances of getting things sold. If you don't have a classic car, this doesn't mean you can't sell your parts. You may not see large profits, but something is better than nothing.

Touch of Art

Your junk vehicle has a lot of potential if you allow yourself to think outside the box. For example, instead of letting it sit there in your yard, maybe you can create a piece of art using the vehicle.

Let loose and start drawing or painting on your junk vehicle. Art gives you a lot of freedom. For example, instead of painting it, you can purchase a few metal statues of children that you can set up on top of the vehicle. It'll look like children are at play on the junk vehicle. Get those creative juices going to figure out what you want that junk vehicle to become.

Donate to Charity

If you don't want the vehicle, you can simply donate it. That may sound simple, but most people don't know how to donate a car since it's not something people do every day. The reality is there are a few ways you can donate your vehicle, and it would be great to help others with a car donation.

Organizations exist that take your junk vehicle to fund things like kidney disease research or to pay for patients who aren't able to pay for health services on their own. You know you don't have space for this vehicle anymore, and this step allows you to help your fellow human beings.

Consider Bartering for Something

Bartering is one thing people have done for a long time. You have something that others may think is valuable, so why not use that to your advantage? Find out if you have a friend or an acquaintance who is willing to take this junk car off your hands. You may not be looking to make money with your vehicle, but you can barter for something of value.

Some people spend years working on junk cars attempting to restore them to their formal glory. Most of the time, people who like to restore vehicles normally work on older or classical vehicles but not always. There's no guarantee that you'll find someone who'll want to barter, but it doesn't hurt to try. You can reach more people by putting out an ad online and in person, such as the bulletin board at the local grocery store, community center, or library.

The Gift of Education

Some high schools and mechanic schools need old vehicles. You can give your old junk car to them so that mechanics can teach their students how to work on a vehicle. Giving them your car means you'll be saving them money since they won't have to go out and purchase a vehicle with funds that should be going to the students and staff.

You may have to contact a few of these institutions to find out which one needs a vehicle like yours. These schools don't have a lot of room, so if they already have a few vehicles, they may not be able to take yours. If you find one to accept your vehicle, have the school arrange a pickup since your vehicle is no longer running. You may want to remove items from the vehicle that you can sell, like the stereo or something else valuable that the school won't need to instruct students, such as a spare or roof racks.

These are just some things you can do with your vehicle now that it won't start anymore.

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Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.