Nursing homes are a place where the elderly and the seniors should feel safe and protected. However, it is unfortunate enough to note that there are considerably large numbers of nursing homes where patient abuse has become too commonplace. From stealing money to physical abuse to restricting movement in an illegal way, there are too many vices that are becoming widespread among the US nursing homes.

If your close friend or relative is admitted in a nursing home, you need to focus on how the person is being treated by the nursing home attendants. In case you suspect that the person is becoming a nursing home abuse victim, you need to take the right steps to deal with this issue before it gets drastic. Here’s how you should deal with nursing home abuse.

#1: Verify the story of the elderly person

The foremost step that you need to take is to make sure the elderly person is speaking the truth about what has happened with him. Go over the issue with them and be clear about whatever your friend or relative is saying about it. If possible, you may even check with the other residents of the same nursing home who are vocal enough or coherent about speaking on such issues. Click photos, assemble medical records and check the prescriptions of the patients as well.

#2: Remove the person to a different facility

Now this step is not always possible with everyone. If your loved one is admitted in the cardiology department and he has to be shifted time and again to the ICU, you can’t just shift him to some other ward. But in case your patient is not in such a serious state, you can speak with the nursing home authorities and then move him to some other facility so as to stop the harm immediately.

#3: Disclose the story to the authorities

The next step should be to inform the district attorney or the police about it. There are few states like California where you are bound to report nursing home abuse or neglect whenever you get to know about it. In case the district attorney claims, according to the evidence that you offer, that it is a criminal behavior, the state will soon file charges against the nursing home authorities. So, you need to let people know.

#4: Choose hiring an attorney

You must be aware of the fact that there are nursing home abuse attorneys who are waiting to help you out in such situations. You may even hire a civil attorney who has got specializations in elder abuse, nursing home law, consumer fraud and personal injury. During such situations, you can even join hands with others who have gone through similar consequences as this will help you file class action lawsuit.

Now if you find out someone being suffering from nursing home abuse, wouldn’t you extend your helping hand towards him? Take the steps listed above to help him obtain justice.

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