If the coat of cement render is properly applied to the exterior wall, it can last a fair length of time- even decades. However, this doesn’t mean that rendered walls are indestructible or any sorts?

Truth be told, in every 7-15 years, cracks will start to form on those peripheral walls (maybe even sooner is the treatment was not done up-to- the right quality standards).

This brings to the main topic of discussion-“Do You See Some Hairlines Crazing On The Rendered Wall Surface?”If yes then, follow the below section properly!

Treating A Cracked Rendered Wall:

There are lots of reasons for a cement rendered wall to crack.

  • Improper application.
  • The rendering product was of substandard quality.
  • Owing to some structural issues that are cracking open the rendered surface.

And, etc.

Treating Those Cracks In These Easy Ways!

The Key Tools: Filling knife, brush, wet sponge/normal piece of cloth, bolster chisel, club hammer, a ladder and even an old paint brush.

The Other Key Materials: a PVA adhesive, rendering or a quality filling to coat the walls.

  • Step 1: Clean up the crack by drawing the pointy edge of a filling knife right through the crack to make it into a V. Use this shape to anchor the filler right below the surface to prevent the crack from opening up again. One can also use the bolster chisel and the club hammer, instead of the knife- if it makes it easier!
  • Step 2: Brush away all the loose fragments, dirt and dust from the cavity surface and leave it perfectly cleaned.
  • Step 3: The next step is wetting the cavity using a soaked cloth or sponge and then paint the inner part with PVA adhesive to enhance its filler adhesion.
  • Step 4: Then apply the render into the crack using the filling knife. Prod the knife properly inside the cavity to ensure no possibilities of air pockets exist. Then smoothen the filled/rendered surface and apply whatever fresh decorative ideas one wants to after the render has dried off completely.

A Convenient Alternative To Repairing Cracked Rendered Walls!

If there is one thing about DIY treatments, there’s no guarantee how long they will last once applied. It can be years (to your delight) or weeks (much to your horrors).

One way to achieve peace-of-mind from cracked render walls is to hire cement rendering experts in Balwyn who do this day in and day out. These seasoned specialists have all the proper tools of the trade along with a sufficing amount of field knowledge to get the task done properly, even promptly.

As far as their quality render repair work is concerned, they will repair cracks by cutting them with an angle grinder. Then after cleaning all the drummy parts from the wall surface, they will aptly fill in the fresh coat of cement render on the disrupted patch.

However, before anything, these experts will perform a pre-treatment inspection on the exterior wall to see if any other reinforcing operations are needed.

Professional rendering services in Brunswick (particularly the top-grade ones) will always keep their service rates as per the industry-standard rates. What’s more, they will always use the best-in-quality cement render and ensure that it doesn’t cause any concerns for at least a couple of decades.

All this should sound alright for any homeowner. So without wasting any more time, contact a reliable rendering specialist today!

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The author... is a part of a professional team working at one of the notable rendering services in Brunswick. With that, the author also likes educating the readers on why hiring cement rendering experts in Balwyn are a way better option to DIY rendering repairs.