The biggest change from the distance of time in the world of corporate communications connected to VoIP is the use of voice in the life of the company, which is completely different from the use of phones in the past. There are VoIP systems that are made by famous developers and ones created by local suppliers but both times have one thing in common – they can be integrated with other applications such as CRM, BI and ERP. This creates many new opportunities for your business.

One of the latest ideas that have been circulating concerns the integration of VoIP and CRM. This will create better opportunities for contacts with the customers by giving the option of real life documentation of these contacts. Therefore, you will be able to make statistical samplings based on the relationships with customers and you can do it at any time. This was not possible before the emergence of this idea. Collecting data using this innovation enables you to draw relevant conclusions for clients and groups of them and then send these conclusions to the team in your company via VoIP.

A popular idea concerns the transfer of the functionality of the CRM systems to the VoIP software.

What are the benefits of VoIP-CRM integration?
VoIP-CRM integration can be used in the work of your Call Centers. This way you will reduce the prices for calling clients located at different continents and other distant locations. Moreover, the performance of your employees at different levels will also improve. Another great thing about these solutions is that their use can be remote. Therefore, your employees can keep in touch with the customers even after work time. The implementation of this system will not only help individual employees, it will also enhance the work of your whole company through better call management. You can call your clients directly and sell products to them over the phone. Another use concerns the conducting of marketing and sociological researches. You can set the system to a number of phone calls to important clients and it will call them in the set way and generate voice using the system. In case a client accepts the call, it will be directed to one of your employees who is free at the time. Therefore, you will save time calling the numbers, which are not going to answer. This can be of great use when you want to conduct a survey. If this is the case then the managers in your company can send ready forms to the employees in the call center and they will use the VoIP system to generate calls to the given numbers. When a client picks up the phone, they can ask him/her the questions they want and fill in the information directly on the computer.

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