Ecuador is a world wide popular tourist destination. It provides a lot of all forms of attractions, excellent Ecuador hotels and chance for practicing numerous sports. This South America country has remarkable beaches, amazing scenery and its tropical climate tends to make it proper for visiting all year round.

Apart from relaxing in the majestic hotels in Ecuador, listed here are some ideas about what it is possible to do while visiting Ecuador:

Rainforest treks

Travelers who would like to explore the rainforest of the lower Amazon basin and its abundant plant and animal life ought to head to the Oriente area. The presence of hundreds of waterways, many of which are tributaries of the exceptional River Amazon, means that such tours invariably include traveling by boat. Normally, these are massive motorized canoes traveling up the leading rivers, although trips on non-motorized boats along the smaller waterways are also offered. This can be a far better way to observe the wildlife. A few indigenous communities living in the region have preserved their traditional lifestyles and are actively engaged in resisting the ongoing attempts by oil companies to develop and exploit the Ecuadorian rainforest.


You will find some good hiking trails in Cotopaxi National Park, one of them following the shores of Lago Limpiopungo, located at an altitude of 3800m.


Baños is often known as Ecuador’s tourist Mecca for adventure sports and trips to the rainforest. Climbing expeditions to the volcanoes are also presented. Experienced climbers may head to the Cotopaxi volcano which at 5985m (19,345ft) is one of the world’s highest and is best reached from Quito.


Apart from the rainforest, Ecuador’s rich wildlife is best represented in the Galápagos Islands, whose most popular inhabitants are the giant Galápagos tortoises. Adventure tours within the islands are offered, both in large cruise ships or in more compact ships and yachts. Ecuador is also a famous destination for bird watching and also whale watching.


You can find 2800km of coastline along the mainland, with beach resorts providing different types of water sports. Good snorkeling is available via chartered boat trips across the Isla de la Plata. Fishing is incredibly good off the western coast. Whitewater rafting can also be famous in and around Baños.

Scenic train journeys

A couple of of Ecuador’s railway routes, especially those in the Andes, pass through spectacular mountain scenery, usually at dramatic altitudes. The Ecuadorian custom of riding on the roof of the train makes the views a lot more breathtaking. One of the most famous routes, whose climax is the precipitous ‘Devil’s Nose’ passage, is from Riobamba down to the Pacific coast. Train schedules are rather erratic and visitors have to check locally prior to traveling.

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