Understand what commercial printing is all about will help you in getting by the process. This steps may be easy but you need to follow what your commercial printing company requires to get the best results. Start with these-

1. You need to look for your special printer. Since you are requiring printing, it is a logical to look for a printer. Make sure you find one that can agree and complement your needs and wants.

2. You will be asked what prints you want. You need to let your printer know what you need, do you require a magazine that has inserts? Or maybe a calendar and a notepad? Whatever it is you need, list them all down in one area so that you can clearly state this with your printer and they can give you a good deal with a good package.

3. You will be tasked to make your own art so get ready to rumble. Inquire on what your printers are using for their programs and tell them that you are new to this designing and would like to work on a program they know. This will also help you talk to your printers when your designing is not working out really well. Programs you can try if the printer’s program is not working out for you are illustrator, corel draw and photoshop. All of these are fool proof and can work well with whatever designing level you have.

When all else fails, there is always a mighty designer to save the day. You can ask your printers if they have a in-house designer to assist you if not you can always search for the outside forces. This is an additional service so this will most likely be an additional cost so when you need to save a bit, you may want to do it on your own.

4. You will submit your file online or in their office depending on their requirement. Remember that your file must include your font file and uses CMYK colors. Keep your resolutions to 300dpi as well to get the best print results you want to see. If your picture is blurry don’t expect that it will magically transform to perfection, save your files right and use high resolution pictures.

Printers will check and send you a file for your final checking before printing this will be a dummy proof of what your prints will be so make sure you scrutinize that final file very well because from hereon you won’t have much access to it.

5. Should you have not followed the rules, you will see your file again and you need to re-edit it. so make sure your stick to their rules and follow every inch of it.

6. You will pick out printing materials that you will be using. For lasting prints consider adding a little paper stock to your papers.

7. Your design will finally be printed.

8. You need to settle your bill of course, you may have or have not given a deposit but you need to finalize the transaction by paying up. Make sure that discounts they promised are already removed from the bill.

9. Enjoy your prints!

It’s very easy right? So start finalizing everything with your commercial printing company and get those prints handed out or used. Commercial printing is for everyone so share them.

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