Hailing an Uber cab is a quick solution to reach any place, no matter you are going for a business meet or have a fun party to attend. The cheap and convenient service aids you reach any destination quickly.

70% of the Americans rely on Uber cab to reach important places. With popularity, the service surely has invited a few cases of accidents as well. Sadly, not many people know what to when involved in a case of Uber accident.

There are many things that one would think in any such scenario. Judging both the parties to find out who was at fault? Was it your Uber driver or the other party? Was any of the party injured? Can you held Uber responsible for your injuries and loss? The nature of these questions is quite complexed and the answer depends upon the circumstances completely.

Action to take when you are involved in a car crash:
If you were involved in a car crash while enjoying an Uber ride or other ride-share vehicle, there is a pre-set modus-operandi that should be followed to secure their rights. First of all you have to ensure that you and your fellow travelers are safe.

If not, try and move to a safe location. Now, call 911. This will alert the nearest police and they will reach to the crash location. Calling 911 will also call the first dispatcher to the location and you will be offered the required medical attention.

It also becomes essential that you gather some information about the crash, only if you are able to do so. Some information is already available to you in your Uber App. But, you will need a handful of other details like the insurance policy number, contact information and more.

You must collect this information from other parties involved in the accident as well. Now you must contact a reliable and experienced Uber Accident Lawyer Miami and proceed in the case.

Who can be held liable?
When you are involved in an Uber crash, the situation is little complicated. While Uber assists in hiring a cab and connects you with a driver nearby, it does not accept the driver as its employee. Each Uber driver is considered as an individual contractor and are expected to carry their own auto insurance.

So, in case you are involved in an accident with Uber Taxi, Uber will probably claim that they aren’t a taxi company but a tech company that is responsible for the platform alone. However, the company does have a provision of providing insurance and that too with a coverage of $1 million.

Securing a claim settlement in case of an Uber accident can be cumbersome without expert help. The best way to deal with the complications and get what is your rightful compensation is to contact an experienced crash attorney in Miami. The expert can easily handle the complexity of the case and preserve your rights.

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