Every woman has one in her life. As much as we wish it was a full-time maid, that's not it. We all have at least one friend who has the ideal husband. You know the type. He's the man who whips up a healthy breakfast for his wife each morning, does the dishes, works all day and then comes home to cook dinner, do the laundry, wash floors and take care of the children. You hear all about her perfectly, wonderful life while you're toiling over a hot stove with your children running circles around you complaining that they're bored or they need help with homework. How is it that the universe gave some women husbands who seem more than willing to tackle any household chore, yet some of us can't get our husbands to make a piece of toast if his life depended on it? It really has little to do with fate at all. Every husband has the potential to be helpful, attentive and supportive. It's up to us to learn how to draw those qualities out in him so he becomes a partner who not only wants to help at home, he's eager to do as much as he can.

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If you're wondering what to do if your husband doesn't help at home there are a few ideas that you need to consider:

Talk to him about it. One major mistake that women make when they want something from their husbands is they wait for him to read their minds. Ladies, men just aren't that insightful when it comes to knowing what we want. You'll get far better results if you walk right up to your husband, and directly tell him what you need help with. Granted, you must not bark orders at him because he'll retreat into himself and nothing will get accomplished. Plan a quiet conversation with him where you'll detail all the things you wish he could help you with. Be kind and don't get too emotional. Men truly appreciate when a woman is able to communicate with them in a way that doesn't involve tears or too much emotion.

Give him more opportunity. Sometimes taking a detour to get to your destination is the best route to take. Such is the case when you're trying to get your husband to help you more at home. If you've already asked him to lend a hand and he hasn't yet stepped up to the plate you can give him a little push in the right direction. If you two have children, now may be the perfect time for you to escape for a weekend away with some of your girlfriends. If you can't afford a full weekend because of monetary or time constraints, make yourself busy at least one night a week. If your husband is forced into the role of full time caregiver and housekeeper for even a few hours one evening or a Saturday afternoon, he'll soon have a much better appreciation for everything you do. The bonus is that you get to have more time to yourself.

Leave some chores specifically for him. This suggestion is often the most challenging for reasons which will become very obvious momentarily. If your husband has chores that he's supposed to be responsible for yet you often pick up his slack, stop today. It doesn't matter if it's mowing the lawn or taking out the trash, if it's on his to-do list, it needs to be done by him. Obviously once the trash starts piling up, he'll have no choice but to attend to it. The same is true if he's told you he'll take care of his own laundry. Don't do it. Leave it for him to do when he decides he has time. Although this is certainly extreme and can become unpleasant, depending on what chores your husband has yet to do, it does get results.

Don't keep it to yourself if your husband doesn't help at home and you want him to. You need to change his behavior and attitude so you two reach a point where you no longer have to chase after him nagging him to help. He'll transform into one of those husbands other women dream of.

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Are you clueless about what men think about relationships? Have you been anxious for quite some time now trying to figure out how your guy sees your relationship? Are you losing your sleep over trying to know about guys and relationships? Well, do not panic. We all know that men are from Mars and it is very difficult for most women to gauge their thoughts.

Men have a very different thinking pattern than women, and, the way they see relationships, what they feel about relationships, etc., are very different from the way women see and feel. In order to have a healthy relationship, you must understand what your man expects from the relationship. You should have a very clear idea about the male perspective. Do you know what your guy likes about you relationship? Do you have any idea what aspect of your relationship makes him want to crawl up the walls? Do you have a clue about what his idea of an ideal relationship is?

Well, men are not that complicated. You can understand them clearly by knowing the following things about guys and relationships:

• Men like communication: Contrary to popular belief, men really like clear, honest, sincere communication. Your husband/boyfriend cannot read your mind. Men prefer that women tell them clearly about what they want, what their needs are, etc. This helps men be more sensitive and accommodating. Men do not like complicating things unnecessarily. If you want your guy to do something, or, to behave in a certain way, you should just tell him that directly. Also, you should be open to what your guy thinks and wants. Men really appreciate crystal clear two way communication. This prevents complexities and misunderstandings. You need to have a real idea about guys and relationships.

• Men like independent, confident women: Men really like women who are strong and do not depend on anybody. They want to feel that they are loved by the women in their lives genuinely, and, do not want a woman to like them just out of desperation or for financial reasons. Men like women who respect themselves and have a life of their own. Men love a woman who has a career, great friends, etc., in short, an amazing life.

• Manipulation is a strict 'no no': Mind games might look fun on screen, but, in real life, these can be detrimental for your relationship. Men simply hate mixed signals and crooked communication. If you want to say something to your partner, you should just say it instead of sending cryptic messages that confuse the person. If there is something you want ask or clarify, you should choose a direct approach and should definitely avoid any kind of manipulative measures.

• Fidelity is very important: Fidelity is a big factor and is on top of every man's priority list. Men only want those women in their lives who are honest and are completely committed to the relationship. So, you should make sure to express your feelings clearly and make your man completely secure about your loyalty. This is the biggest factor related to guys and relationships.

• Men like women who have a clear idea about how men need to be treated: Men need to feel strong, needed and important. It's an ego thing and you should never do or say anything that makes your guy feel inadequate and unappreciated. You should make him feel loved and cared for and that he is very important to you. If you want a clear picture about guys and relationships, you should try to understand a man's needs.

If you want to have a beautiful, long term relationship, you must know these things about guys and relationships.

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If you really want to show someone you love them, there is no better way than acts of kindness, and gifts of affection. Acts of kindness will show that you love them, while gifts of affection show that you understand them. What may surprise you is what you will get in return from your partner when you do. Are you looking for ideas that will show your partner how much you love them? Is it your hope that when you show someone you love them, they will share the same feelings that you do.

Simple acts of kindness

A simple act of kindness is never expected, but always remembered. Look for ways to show your partner that you care for them by being kind to them. Telling them how much you value them as a lover, and a partner is appreciated, but making them breakfast in bed is an act of kindness. Preparing fresh coffee for them before they leave for work on a cold wintry day will be appreciated; warming up the car for them is an act of kindness. The difference between telling someone you love them, and showing them you love them is what defines acts of kindness.

Gifts of affection

Another great way to show someone you love them is with gifts of affection. After the honeymoon period in any relationship, the material gifts of affection diminish. The holidays become rituals, and daily life becomes routine. What seems to be an insignificant gesture can be a powerful gift of affection. Love notes are one example of these gifts of affection. Whether it is a "post it" on the fridge saying "I'm sorry" after an argument, or something a little more intimate like "I look forward to showering with you this evening" can send a message of genuine affection that shows you are thinking about them even when you are separated.

Be supportive to your partner

The sign of a strong relationship is how a couple treats each other during troubling times. From the loss of employment to a death in the family, life is filled with difficult and sometimes tragic events. This is precisely the time that the support of you partner will show someone you love them. Encouraging words such as "I love you no matter what," accompanied by a sympathetic hug shows your partner than you are committed for the long haul. This kind of gesture demonstrates that you value the relationship even in the face of adversity, and helps your partner focus on a solution to the problem, rather than worrying about the relationship.

The importance of casual conversation

The importance of casual conversation cannot be stressed more if you want to show someone you love them. What is important is not so much the subject of the conversation as it is the interaction between the a couple. We all like to engage in conversation with our partners and the topic really does not matter. These talks have a way of keeping you connected with them, and by keeping the lines of communication open you can avoid all sorts of little problems.

If you want to show someone you love them, then these little gifts will have a way of coming back to you by way of a secure relationship that is built on trust and understanding. The best part is that these gifts of affection and acts of kindness, make you feel personally involved on a higher emotional level with your partner.

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