One of the most frequently asked questions is what to do if you want to be a coach, so I have decided to write an article giving you my opinion and recommendations.

1. What do I have to do to be a coach

Today, coaching is not regulated by what, unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a coach without any previous training. I always recommend that you train, because being a good coach requires a series of skills and if you do not know what they are or how to carry them out, you are not a coach or coaching.

Among these skills is active listening, asking questions in a certain way, not judging (and believe me it is very difficult to listen to someone without your own beliefs or judgments affecting you and without giving advice and keeping you neutral. It is something you learn and there is to be very focused).

That doesn't mean you can't be an excellent professional and help people but if you don't do coaching don't call yourself a coach.

2. How do I know if I would like to be a coach

Many people with whom I have spoken and I just know what coaching was, we knew we would love it, but if this is not the case you can always sign up for a free introduction to coaching talk.

I did it before joining the course and I got even more convinced.

Today there are many you just have to do a search.

3. Where to train as a coach

Many people ask me for school recommendations. Obviously I can only recommend Nesta Certified because of they re the best at what they do

4. Is it mandatory to be certified?

Here we have to differentiate two things:

  • Be certified coach by the school where you study. That means they certify that you have completed the program and are prepared to be a coach.
  • Be a coach certified by the ICF. This means I formed an accredited center, pass an exam, pay a fee and have a certain number of hours of experience with clients in order to apply any of the levels give (ACC, PCC or MCC, coach associated certificate, coach certified professional and certified master coach ).

5. Can you live on coaching?

Yes, you can live from coaching and live well. But it requires work, perseverance and being aware that it is a business and you need to invest in marketing, sales, etc.

You don't become a coach and customers appear alone.

You will have to learn to attract customers, position yourself, differentiate yourself from the competition, create programs or services, sell them, etc.

It is a business and you will have to invest to see results. I certainly began to have good results as soon as I hired mentors who taught me what to do to get clients. It is feasible and if I could you too.

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