To be arrested for driving under the influence, or DUI, can turn a fun night into a horror story in just moments. If you have failed the field sobriety test, and your blood alcohol content is in excess of .08, then it will be confirmed that you are driving under the influence.

A series of invents will then follow. You will be handcuffed, and the police will bring you to jail. You will sit there with other law offenders until someone posts bail, or release you after a certain period of time. From the point of being arrested until the point you are released, there is almost nothing you can do on your part. After that, you have several options on how to proceed. It is vital that you seek professional help so that you will be fully knowledgeable of your lawful rights and obligations. Failing to do so can cause serious problems during your trial, and will also potentially cause more complications down the road.

The initial thing you must do when dealing with your DUI offense would be to call an attorney. Do not call just any kind of attorney; you want an attorney that is experienced on DUI law. Most of these attorneys offer free consultations, and these initial consultations are confidential. Do not choose the first DUI attorney you meet, do a good amount of research before choosing one to represent you. Good attorneys are capable of lowering your sentence, and might even go so far as having your case discarded. Make sure the attorney and legal fees fit your budget, otherwise you will have another problem to remedy.

After you have gotten an attorney, then you will want to discuss what possible strategies that will work well with your situation. There are a range of approaches that your attorney may take. If the evidence against you is strong such as they have a blood sample record that clearly states that your blood alcohol level is above .08, then it is possible that your best option would be to beg for leniency, mentioning the fact you are a first time offender. However, if they have no strong evidence against you, for example if they do not actually have a record of your blood sample that is above the .08, it is possible that your attorney can leverage this fact for you.

It is important to know that even if you are arrested for DUI, that you still have rights that you can exercise. Navigating through DUI law and the trial may be tricky, that is why it is vital that you get a good attorney to represent you, and try to avoid driving legally drunk next time.

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