Sports injuries hurt even if it is just a strained muscle. It can send you to your locker room for the whole game season. It can even slow the performance of your daily activities. It can pose risk on your health. This is why nobody should brush it off. Below are some useful tips on what you can do after the damage has been done.

• Home treatment (RICE method) –RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Exercises must be lessened so as not to further the injury. Your body would need a break after going through such thing. Use crutches and other necessary tools if you must. Applying an ice pack will be good but beware of frostbites. Compression and elevation can alleviate soreness.

• When to seek medical treatment –watch out for certain symptoms such as severe numbness, pain and swelling. Also, seek medical help if you cannot put weight on the damaged area. Observe the injury several days after. Call a doctor if a dull pain and swelling occurred. These may be caused by serious damage inside.

• Whom you should see –orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist are two medical professionals that you should see. They specialize in treating bones, ligaments, nerves and other parts that sports injuries can affect. Also, they can help you to rehabilitate your hurt body part. They will put you into a program that will help you recuperate.

• Healing process –the body has a natural healing process and it starts immediately after you incur the damage. Inflammation will take place and the increased blood flow will transport the nutrients to the injured site. After a few hours, a scar tissue will be formed when the white blood cells got rid of severed tissue. The scar tissue will continue to develop while the swelling subsides in a few days or weeks. After some time, it would shrink and would restore damaged tissues.

• Treatments –However, not all the damages can be naturally healed. There are a wide variety of treatments that are available depending on the type and extent of the injury incurred. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other over-the-counter medications can be taken to ease pain. Immobilizers, such as slings, splints and casts, can also be used in order to let the blood flow steadily. There are cases that a surgical operation must be performed in order to restore the body’s pristine condition.

Rehabilitation takes time. You must work hand in hand with your doctor for your speedy recovery. Sports injuries are unwanted and it can happen unannounced. You may be cautious enough but accidents do take place. It pays that you are prepared all the time by being informed what to do to prevent it and after it occurred.

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