What To Do After A Panic Attack: How To Stop Anxiety Panic Attacks

Panic attacks change the lives of a number of people around the world every day; and many of these people do not know how to get back on track after a panic attack. Individuals who suffer from this disorder understand how serious and potentially devastating the symptoms are. That is probably the reason why it is just very difficult to turn your life around after you get the disorder.

Because I have a full understanding of what you are going through, and believe me I do, I will share some panic attack facts that may help you get on with your life after the disorder. These facts are intended to make your panic attacks experiences less traumatic so that you can easily recover from them.

Fact #1 - Your attacks can be managed by proper breathing. Oh yes, you don't need fancy named medicines to manage your attacks, just breathe properly and you are on to a nice start. This may sound too good to be true, and too easy to become a remedy for such an excruciating disorder, but a lot of people have already proven this to be true.

I would also like to point out that this is not easy, not when you feel like you are drowning and you are fighting for your dear life. However, although it is a little challenging, it is not at all impossible; it will just require a lot of focus and determination. Start by going somewhere not crowded an inhale very deeply through your nose. From there, hold your breath for a few seconds and gradually release it through your mouth. Repeat that procedure as long as necessary and you will notice that your attacks will become shorter and less draining.

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Fact #2 - There are medications you can turn to should all else fail. Even though I already said that you won't be needing drugs if you breathe properly, there are some instances when proper breathing will fall short of its responsibilities. These drugs however, do not offer cure to the disorder but rather just some quick reliefs to make your attacks less frightening.

One good example of these drugs is your beta-blockers. These drugs help control the symptoms of your attacks by blocking the actions of your beta cells. Your beta cells function to contract your muscles, specifically your cardiac or heart muscles; thus, the drugs slow down your heart rate relieving you from palpitations.

Fact # 3 - No man is an island. This only means that you can never go through this on your own. Get some help; it does not matter if it is from a specialist, a friend or a loved one, what matters is you have someone to talk to about your feelings and your struggles.

Now, if you still don't know how to get back on track after a panic attack just look within you and you'll realize that the only person who has that answer is you. After years of working with and writing about panic attacks, I have come to realize that the problem is not the disorder; it is your attitude towards it.

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What is social anxiety disorder? Well, we all have fears and we all have situations or places we would rather avoid. For instance, going for a job interview, passing a driving test, sitting an exam, being alone at night, driving in rush hour traffic, shopping in a crowded supermarket, and so on.

Most people manage to control their fears and anxiety and get on with their lives. But there are very many people who just cannot cope that way. Their fear and anxiety are so high and intense that it consumes their very existence. They are constantly fearful and on edge, and worry about everyday things in a manner that is totally inappropriate to their significance.

And they are aware that they have this social phobia -- for that's what it is -- and that their fears are unreasonable, but they feel totally unable to overcome those fears. There are many such phobias, and social anxiety disorder is just one.

Social anxiety disorder is a phobia centred around the fear, or terror even, of some manner of social interaction that might cause embarrassment. For example, many men find it difficult to urinate in a public toilet if there's another guy there. Another example of a social phobia is where sufferers are terrified of public speaking, even at a family wedding. And yet other social phobias are that many people don't like to be touched, don't like to be watched while eating, being in crowds, etc.

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In these types of social situations, their anxiety levels are rapidly increased by their fears to such a level that they trigger a panic attack. And the symptoms of such an attack are truly terrifying; sweating, blushing, tightness across the chest, choking feeling, hyperventilation, dizziness, trembling, racing heartbeat, confusion and even a feeling of impending doom.

The symptoms of a panic / anxiety attack are just so horrendous that the sufferer understandably fears that they will be ridiculed, pointed at, singled out and embarrassed. And this makes their fears even worse. Because of this people with social anxiety disorder will shun social contact, which has a huge impact on their quality of life and life chances.

There are prescription medications that can help to calm them down, and, help to manage or control their mood. But these have to be very carefully administered since they have serious side effects including dependency issues. And they are in reality only addressing the 'symptoms' of social anxiety disorder, not the underlying cause, which is the very real 'fear' that sufferers constantly carry around with them.

This fear is just so intense that it continually builds upon itself so that a sufferer's anxiety levels continue to rise and can trigger a panic attack at any time. Just the fear of having to go to a job interview can actually cause an attack, for example. It has been referred to as a vicious cycle of anxiety. And like any vicious cycle you have to break out of it in order to cure your social anxiety disorder.

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So you want to know about social anxiety disorder? Then you've come to the right place, because here I've listed 7 of the most frequently asked questions about this particular disorder. After reading this you'll be much clearer in your mind about what social anxiety is, what causes it, it's symptoms and your treatment options.

What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

We all have daily stress and anxiety in our lives, but we get over them and move on without much problem, because we can control our fears. But somebody suffering from general anxiety disorder (GAD) cannot control their fears. They are continually on edge, stressed and fearful about issues and things in a way that is totally irrational and way more than the situation warrants. And this fear is so acute that it impacts their daily lives.

So What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

It is a specific type of anxiety disorder where the sufferer has an irrational fear of social interaction, especially where they might have to 'perform' in some way. For example, public speaking (like weddings, clubs, workplace, etc.), eating together with other people, job interview, having to go in a public toilet, etc. Many sufferers not liking to be touched, is just another example.

You Mean It's Just Like A Phobia?

That's exactly what it is. As I said previously, anxiety disorder sufferers' fears are totally irrational and unwarranted. But like any phobia it's real for them, and the fear of humiliation and embarrassment can be so intense for social anxiety sufferers, that they hide from putting themselves into those social situations. This impacts their quality of life quite dramatically.

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What Are The Symptoms To Look For?

When caught in a situation that they lose control in, social anxiety sufferers will have a frightening panic attack. The most common symptoms are; tightness in chest, choking feeling, hot / cold flashes, trembling, nausea, lightheadedness / dizziness, tingling extremities, racing heartbeat, hyperventilation, feeling detached from reality and of impending doom.

How Is It Usually Treated?

Mainstream treatment usually consists of prescription medications (e.g. antidepressants, tranquilizers) to help you manage your mood swings and to calm you. For physical symptoms such as trembling, shaking etc. there are beta-blockers. But these drugs have to be administered very carefully and accurately because they can have serious side effects, including long term dependency issues.

Are There Any Natural Ways To Treat Social Anxiety Disorder?

There certainly are. Social anxiety disorder sufferers are increasingly turning to herbal and homeopathic remedies without the horrible side effects of prescription medications. And there are other things like making particular changes to your diet and even lifestyle, self-help groups, counselling, and so on, even acupuncture.

Are These Alternative Remedies Effective?

Whether you use alternative remedies or prescription medications, unless you can eliminate your underlying fear, curing your social anxiety disorder will be very difficult. For example, the very fear of having a panic attack adds to your already high anxiety levels and can itself trigger the panic attack you're trying to avoid. This is called your anxiety cycle, and you need to break it in order to finally cure your social phobia.

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The main cause of an anxiety attack can be about anything. In life, we can't control what goes on around us. In reality, it is not always wise to try to control how we react to what goes on around us. Actually, no matter what some, supposedly, brilliant people tell us, we cannot be expected to control our emotions at all times. So, since it is not normal and really not emotionally healthy to control ourselves at all times, how can we be expected to deal with the causes of anxiety attacks? In this article, we will answer this question.

For most of us, not being under control is not too much of an issue. The bigger problem we have is trying too hard to control ourselves. This doesn't mean it is right to act like an idiot when we're driving our cars or to show anger over little annoying disturbances, it simply means 100% control is impossible. Therefore, we should not strive for it.

Doing the Impossible

Most of us realize, it is impossible to control things that go on around us. Still, we try to anyway. Of course, this is a very frustrating simply because we are trying to do the impossible. In other words, if we are in a traffic jam, there is little we can do to help the situation. After all, we can only drive our cars; we can't drive everyone else's.

Also, when it comes to political events, there is very little we can do. We have our beliefs and perhaps, we could help a few other people to understand why we see things the way we do. However, we can't change everyone all at once. The problem is, many people try to do just that.

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The Past Can't Be Changed

No matter what problem we have, we cannot change the circumstance that brought this problem on. Anything that happened in the past, we simply can do nothing about. The best we can do is deal with the problem right now and we may be able to deal with this problem effectively. Then again, we may not be able to deal with it effectively. We must understand this.

Take Baby Steps

In short, the cause of most anxiety attacks is our insistence on doing the impossible. One who successfully deals with all of life's trials is one who has the ability to take baby steps through life. Much more can be achieved by doing things we are absolutely certain we can do.

However, we are an emotional mess-in-the-making when we try to do everything at once, or try to do more than a human is capable of doing. Having lofty goals and high aspirations in life is noble, but lofty goals and high aspirations lead to frustration and anxiety.

Always set goals you can meet. After you reach this goal, you can set another one that is at a higher level. By continuing to do this, you can reach any goal without the anxiety attacks that come from trying to do too much.

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