Three years of living in together, seven years of being married and two kids after, Tony and Missy decided to end their marriage. Ten years of being together and everything ends in an empty bed. They both know that their marriage was not perfect and they were aware that they are poles apart when in comes to personality and ideals-Missy, a picture of optimism and compassion while Tony believes that you always leave room for doubt and not wasting your time in people who are not worth it, Missy believes that it should be family first while Tony is a business person in mind and in heart and without question, it should come first.

In spite of their difference, they believed that their love is enough to make them last and survive every difference they have. Until Missy put her foot down and once and for all made a big decision to leave Tony. She cannot anymore take being last on the list, not just her but her kids and she strongly believes that their marriage is going no where and she is better off without him.

After all the commotion and drama, Tony left with bitterness and anger in his heart while Missy was left broken hearted at home with the kids nonetheless she kept her ground knowing it was the right thing to end the marriage. Break up is very painful no matter how much you justify it, whether you came from a toxic relationship or not you will still go through the process of grieving.

You will still experience being waken up with the pain of a broken heart, you will find yourself crying every moment in the middle traffic or in the middle of work, you will undergo crying yourself to sleep or, losing your appetite and drinking until you can’t feel anything. You will feel being paralyzed by the pain and in most times you will get to question why did this happened- a bad, horrible dream.

Expect that the next few days of break up are very torturous. You will be in denial, in shock and in insufferable pain. After two to three days of break up, give and allow yourself time to mourn, cry your heart out and let all the pain drain, shout if you must in the privacy of your bedroom.

Then call up friends and family that will support you and not blame you. Stay clear of friends that make you feel bad or sorry or guilty. Keep away from friends who still think of their own welfare and take advantage of your vulnerability and make you feel that you owe them something by helping you in this painful stage.

Run to family and friends who make you experience that you are unconditionally cared for. After a break up surround yourself with family and friends that would embrace you and tell you it’s alright to cry and grieve. Go to work but don’t stress yourself out by it. Finish simple task and unwind and appreciate yourself by surviving the day.

No matter how bad you feel, find a purpose. Getting over a break up takes time and you need to bind yourself with people who understand what you are going through. Getting over a break up is a roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil and you don’t know until when you’ll be in this ride, that’s why it’s important to connect with friends who encourage you to take care of yourself, to help you get through the day.

When you are in this aching stage, look out for your wellbeing, this is the best time to put yourself first. Don’t pressure yourself. Take each day at a time.

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