Transactions between companies often hinge on the smallest of details. The transactions are significant in value and take longer due to the complexity involved in the deal. Companies and corporates often rely on and hire experts to negotiate and complete the transactions. Transaction Advisory Service providers can help the company navigate the route of completing their deal or transaction with the counterparty to serve the company best. A variety of factors are involved in a transaction between two companies, and the following qualities are needed in a TSA to help a company:

Substantial experience:

Mergers and Acquisition deals between two companies are based on numerous aspects that may include complex points from the perspective of understanding and evaluation.

The transactions are long-drawn and may stretch for a few months or years, depending on the size of the transaction.

Experience is one of the critical factors in a scenario wherein the transaction advisory service providers would need both patience and secrecy to maintain the sanctity of the transaction.

A key point in large transactions is the post-transaction integration, wherein experience plays a key role.

Deep expertise:

A commercial transaction for merger and acquisition requires expertise in various facets that have to be managed together. The financial valuation of a company, due diligence that may include financial, taxation as well as commercial level due diligence, system audits, etc.

All these transactions require experts with knowledge about the particular task to be undertaken. A TSA has a huge team that can provide an organization with experts for each job and enables meticulous conduct for those tasks.

A business may be unable to conduct the transaction with the same quality as an expert of transaction advisory services provider.

Legal Know-how:

Any transaction conducted ultimately hinges upon the legal contract signed between the two parties. The legal contract would entail all the essential details that form a part of the contract include any limitations that may apply to any of the parties or their employees or directors.

TSA provides the legal know-how in both due diligence and the formation of the final contract between the two parties. Proper legal know-how would ensure that contracts are formed and signed correctly to avoid any legal issues in the future that may cause problems.

Commercial Know-how:

The Commercial know-how is essential to understand the valuation of a company and the commercial viability regarding a merger or acquisition transaction. It would also require knowledge regarding the market share of two companies and whether any merger or acquisition may result in queries from the Competition Commission.

Apart from commercial viability, commercial know-how can also help companies establish a valuation for their company beyond the value of the assets and considers the customer support, goodwill, and market shares of the company.

Negotiation skills:

A transaction advisory services provider is involved in every level of the transaction and the companies and senior management of the company. One of the critical points of a transaction is the price, value, and mode of consideration for any marketing.

A TSA would be able to provide inputs regarding the negotiation for any transaction, especially for the value part and a mode of consideration to be used for payment.

A company might prefer to pay in equity. In contrast, the counterparty would choose cash, TSA would negotiate impartially without any emotions attached against a company or their management.


A transaction advisory services provider would play a pivotal role in completing a transaction between two companies. The value of a transaction for M&A ranges from 10 Million USD to 151 Million USD. A transaction advisory services provider with the skills mentioned above is needed to aid a company in its transactions. In India, firms like Deloitte, Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co, KPMG, etc., provide TSA services to their clients.

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Alisha Hill is a freelance writer cum blogger.