With the increasing popularity of alternative healing methods, interest in hypnosis training is on the rise. Part of its appeal is that it doesn't rely on drugs or surgery to be effective. It can be used by individuals in the privacy of their homes, or with professionals in a therapeutic setting. Introductory hypnosis training can be as simple as following instructions on a set of hypnosis CDs, or it can be as advanced as participating in supervised instruction by a credentialed hypnosis professional over the course of several hundred hours. Here's a brief overview.

Hypnosis training for personal development

For those interested in applying hypnosis techniques to their own life, training in self-hypnosis is a viable option. People have found success using self-hypnosis for weight control, smoking cessation, pain management, stress management, anxiety and various areas of self development like creativity, sports training and overcoming a fear of public speaking.

Although many people are successful at learning self-hypnosis by CDs, many others prefer in-depth, in-person training. One option is to work one-on-one with a qualified hypnotherapist who can design a customized approach with a specific goal. Another option is to take in-depth training in hypnosis. This allows you to explore various avenues and experiment with techniques to develop your own program for your personal development.

Hypnosis training for professional practice

Professionals and health practitioners such as doctors, counselors, nurses, teachers and others in the helping professions who want to improve their effectiveness and expand their services can benefit from hypnosis training. It is important to select a program taught by a hypnosis instructor who has an active practice.

Most professionals are familiar with the differences that arise between what they learn in a classroom setting and applying that knowledge in real life situations. By choosing a course taught by a practicing hypnotist, students get the benefit of learning from the instructors' current case studies and are able to ask questions about how to apply what they learn to their own clients.

International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Although there are many schools that offer hypnosis training, for those who intend to use hypnosis in their professional practice, certification is recommended. One such organization which offers professional certification is the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

The IACT is an association for holistic practitioners like hypnotists, hypnotherapists, biofeedback specialists, nutritionists, licensed massage therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists and other professionals in the alternative healing arts to share ideas and techniques.

Evaluating hypnosis training

When deciding on your course of hypnosis training, take the time to make sure the instructors are properly trained. Visit the websites that outline the certifications they hold and spend some time learning about the requirements they had to meet in order to earn their accreditations.

In addition, evaluate the hypnosis program that you are considering to ensure that it addresses the approaches and techniques that you're most interested in. Look for a comprehensive program that includes information and techniques beyond those which initially drew your attention. Even if you will not be practicing some of the hypnosis techniques, you will be broadening your field of knowledge. By becoming familiar with their language and concepts, you'll be able to discuss them on a meaningful level when questions about them arise.

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