Football is a game of joy, pride and most importantly, victory. Hosting up your league's football trophy after winning a championship is the greatest feeling ever. In fact, chances are you’re looking for a trophy for this very purpose.

If you’re searching for a football trophy for your league or event, don’t take this decision lightly because it will impact your team/recipient for many years to come. If you’re looking for a more specific trophy such as a goalie trophy, you will find a wide range of options for each occasion.

Popular designs range from modern and stylish figure-top trophies, suitable for individual awards, to the conventional personalized football cups, perfect for presenting at the end of the season finale. If you’re having trouble deciding which trophy to choose, read on for some tips.

What Should You Consider when choosing a football trophy.

Football trophies, like many others, are made from different materials, and that affects their look, weight, and price. If you want to make a statement, choose a premium option –something made from silver or bronze. Silver plated trophies are the most popular out there, but if you want something extra-durable, you could go with a nickel plated option.

When it comes to size, it’s worth noting that large trophies are usually awarded to overall winners of the football event. So you may only require one for your ceremony. You can then buy cheaper, smaller trophies or medals for awarding runners-up or recognize individual achievements.

If you’re trying to save up on your budget, then you don’t have to buy a set of trophies each year for presentation. Most major sporting leagues retain the original trophies and award the winners smaller replicas of the same –you can use this option as well. You can also ask a local interested business to sponsor the main trophy for your event, so you can save up on your overall budget.

Next, you need to decide on the trophy style that will best meet your needs. This will involve researching a little about the kind of award given for the type of achievement you and your team or league are celebrating. For instance, while the classic cup design is favored by many different sporting leagues, the Perpetual Trophy design is so far the most popular football trophy.

Other unconventional designs away from the classics include medals, rings, belts, and plates. These options are best for those who would like to easily travel with their trophies and maybe demonstrate their dominance in football whenever they go. There are rings and medals for losers of the event too –but I can guarantee you that being forced to wear a loser’s medal in public can be quite an embarrassment.

One more thing –if you’re buying a trophy for Life-Long Fantasy Football, make sure it has enough plates or tires to engrave the winners so that you don’t run out of space too soon. Keeper leagues, dynasty leagues, and long-term redraft leagues could use this kind of trophy as you may need to show the progression of champions continuously.

The main options for Life-Long Fantasy Football are the large or tower trophy and the plaque. Keep in mind that such large trophies usually require a larger upfront investment compared to single-use ones, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Lastly, when picking your trophies, consider the engraving option. These days you can easily personalize each trophy or award with specific names and messages. If you pick the one with a square base, you can engrave the title of the award on the front plate and add more details such as the name of the winners or sponsors on the other three plates.

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