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Loans are a saving grace when you need money. You can borrow money to fund something for the long run, or you can borrow to fund for your emergency expenses. Short term loans such as advance payday loans can help with the latter situation anytime.

Advance payday loans, also known as cash advance loans, are short term unsecured loans that are easier to obtain than regular bank loans but with high interest. The money you get depends on the lender’s evaluation of your income, and you will often receive a portion of your next paycheck.

If you are interested in getting an advance payday loan, the following are the things you need to think of before applying for one.


The lender determines how much you receive and how much you have to pay back. With this, you need to look for a lender that is legitimate and reasonable. You can get an advance payday loan through credit unions, lending companies, and online lenders. As to which of these institutions you will choose as a lender, it is your choice but proceed with caution.

What you need to do is to narrow down your possible lenders in terms of accessibility and legitimacy. If you’re a member of a credit union or have borrowed money from a lending company, you can contact them and inquire if they offer payday loans and if you are eligible to apply for one. If otherwise, you may look for lenders or credit unions within your area. You may also look online for good lending sites that are allowed to operate in your state.

If you’re looking for a suitable lender, always check if they operate legally. You can do so by looking at their available details and contacting them. Looking for a physical address is a plus, too. If you’re looking for an online lender, get in touch with them through their contact details, and look for proof of registration.

Means of Repayment

If you have to borrow money, you must have a way to pay it back. Borrowing money from people might be an easy feat, but borrowing from a lender, especially a short-term loan, can sometimes be a struggle. Payday loans have higher APR and this can make you pay a lot more than what you initially borrowed, and in a short time, too.

It would help if you found a means to quickly pay back that amount of money before you agree to take the advance payday loan. Otherwise, you might be stuck with the choice to take out another loan to pay your current loan, which will lead to too much debt.

When applying for a loan, you must plan before you act. Estimate how much the lender will make you pay through research or inquiry, and then assess it on your income and how you spend it daily. If it won’t cover what you might pay back on loan, try cutting off some expenses for the time being or look for additional funding sources. Getting another loan to cover the remaining expenses is the last thing you must do.

Credit Score

The credit score is a big influence on if you get an advance payday loan or not. Lenders typically favor those with a good or high credit score as it helps guarantee that the borrower can pay the debt back. What’s more, advance payday loans are unsecured loans, which means only those with a credit score passable to the lenders can avail themselves of the loan. If you have a fair or bad score, you are most likely to be denied.

Take a look at your credit score and compare it to the one that your potential lenders deem passable. There will be little to no problem if your score makes it to their standard. If not, then you can either give up on that lender and look for another one, or you can try to improve your credit score.

The latter option might not work if you urgently need the loan, though. But if you can, look at the reasons why you have a low score. It could be that you still have remaining credit. You can slowly try to pay it off first, which will help make your credit score passable for a payday loan.


Depending on how much you need and how long you need to repay what you borrowed, you can get different debts or loans. Advance payday loans are not your only option. If you don’t have a way to pay back a high-interest rate or aren’t qualified for the said loan, you have to look for alternatives.

If you’re afraid of paying higher interest, you can opt for other loans that are more appealing for your current situation, or you can even borrow money from someone you know and negotiate your means of repayment. If it’s about your credit score, you can look for other lenders or take those that don’t solely focus on your credit history.

Final Thoughts

When you apply for a loan, you have to be sure you pay it back. You need to do research and weigh in the factors that could affect how you manage your finances. Always be sure of the important details and always be prepared.

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