Among plenty of options for music streaming tools, SoundCloud is a good option. It offers to download music files on your Android device, allows listening to music through the app but the SoundCloud Downloader did not allow music download. But now, with the latest developments in the app, it allows music download from the app. It can download the files on your device. Moreover, the app has developed a friendly interface. For this, you require an Android device, enabling the unknown sources of apps and the official app installed on your device. Also, Xposed Framework should be installed on the device.

How to install the downloader?

The SoundCloud Downloader can be installed on your Android device using easy steps.

● First, you have to open the Xposed Framework and go to the download section. Under the search icon, you have to type the name of the downloader. Here, try to get the latest version of the application that shall help in hassle-free running of the app.

● After locating the right app, click on the download option and immediately, it shall start downloading on your device.

● Following the download, you have to install the app.

● Upon completion of the installation, reboot the device before you start using the application. It shall help in its smooth functioning.

How to get music from SoundCloud?

After you set up the app, open it, and search for any song. As the song starts playing, you can click on the three-dot option from which you can get the download option. As you click on the download option, the song will start to download on your device.

Why choose SoundCloud over others?

With the growing popularity of SoundCloud, it is offering users more than other music streaming sources do. Apart from uploading music, it allows getting access to podcasts and messages. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to explore more tracks and share them with users. Some of the benefits are given in the following part of the article.

1. The app offers a user-friendly interface to access

2. There are no restrictions on file sizes.

3. Offers easy music sharing option for users even if users do not have access to SoundCloud

4. With sharing of audio files, users can get access to plenty of options

5. Each music track open with different URL address

6. The applications allow for easy uploading and recording from a mobile device

7. Applications keep track of music and make sharing an easy option

8. Offers facility to comment on track and discuss different tracks with other users

9. Option for sharing music via other social media platforms or privately share them with friends

Wrapping it up

Thus, the SoundCloud service is available for free. It allows downloading your favorite music track and saves it on your mobile device. Try to use the latest version of the application that allows a smooth use of the app. Convert your favorite music in the MP3 version and enjoy listening to your favorite music.

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