Thai massage is known by many different names. It is commonly known as Thai yoga massage or just yoga massage. In Thai massage, the therapist makes use of hands, knees, legs and feet and many different yoga postures are produced. Quite simply, the practitioner does the yoga for you.

A Thai massage treatment is a combination of yoga, acupressure, joint mobilization and muscle kneading. Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor or ground. In other Asian therapies, natural oils are quite often used, but in Thai massage no oil is used.

The person who gets Thai massage is asked to come in free-fitting and comfortable clothing. A good Thai massage lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours.

The advantages of getting Thai massage are numerous. To begin with, Thai yoga massages relax the whole body because yoga postures are performed for the duration of the massage session stretching and relaxing the muscles. Shortly after the massage, one feels completely relaxed and a deep feeling of tranquility.

The other results of Thai yoga massage involve enhanced blood circulation, and increased energy levels. The body gets to be supple and flexible. Overall, Thai massage has a wholistic healing effect guiding the body and mind to work in unison.

However, Thai massage is not recommended for individuals who have went through chemotherapy, or who are affected by skin ailments or abdominal hernias. Pregnant individuals may want to avoid Thai massage.

Before getting Thai yoga massage, some precautions are to be taken. It is not smart to go for Thai massage on an empty stomach. No food should be consumed before getting the Thai massage session. Tell your therapist about your overall health and any health issues like wounds, skin diseases, or rashes so that the practitioner is able to take appropriate care executing your Thai yoga massage.

Thai massage operates on the principle that blocked energy in the body will lead to a range of ailments. In tune with this belief, the practitioner applies pressure on the energy lines as these energy pathways are considered to be the secrets to a healthy and balanced life. Thai yoga practitioners believe that there are ten energy pathways that are important and vital for maintenance of a wholesome life. By balancing the energy that flows along these energy lines, great health can be achieved.

To put it differently, the goal and purpose of Thai yoga massage is to enhance the re-energizing powers of the person's body, and discharge worry which is the cause of many problems. By receiving Thai massage, energy lines are revitalized allowing the energy to flow readily to all areas of the body which has a balancing effect on the general well being of a person.

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