What Spirit Speaks- Part 2

(Continuation from Part 1, found elsewhere on this site.)

8)There are two responses to all situations: that of love and that of fear (and their corresponding attributes). Love is assuredness, comfort, compassion, courage, strength, giving, etc… Fear’s minions are greed, jealousy, insecurity, anger, hoarding, etc…. Boil down any reaction and you will find either the face of love or the face of fear staring back at you.

9)“The surest way around fear is through it.” This was given to me years ago as my own levels of fear about going public concerning my ability often caused me great consternation. It has been given (or a version of it anyway) to many who sought counsel concerning fear of something. Fear can only win if it makes you shuffle your feet, take a step back or tuck tail and run. However, squaring the shoulders, stepping up and spitting fear in the eye will see it tucking its own tail and heading for the hills, not to bother you again.

10)“There is not that which is good nor that which is bad but it is only that which the human mind may judge it to be and to give it power of.” The power of judgment is truly only within the human desire to organize and make sense of a stage play far grander than any one human mind may understand. In the eternal and infinite system of things there will be always be a leveling off, an evening up as it were. Most of us would decry murder as wrong and yet it is often murder that accomplishes great lessons and learning for many. This may seem hard to swallow from our human arena but if there is no such thing as eternal death or cosmic judgment then can it be truly wrong? Did not the murder of Jesus or the Jews under Hitler’s boot teach humanity much? The human mind being all too willing to judge something good or bad has created more conflict than we care to admit. Most wars are begun through judgments of some other way of life/belief as being wrong or bad. The walls that divide humanity are often erected through the naming of someone else’s state of living or worshipping or skin color as being wrong. In Spirit’s eyes that which we might cast as bad might indeed be “a beautiful gift in ugly wrappings”.

11)There are a few equations that Spirit often dispenses and they take some thinking upon. The first has to do with creative energy and manifestation. That is: 1 part thought + 3 parts emotion = manifestation.
The key is not the mental level of being but rather the emotional level. A thought about what you want is not sufficient of its own accord to launch the rocket of desire high enough for manifestation. You must see it, feel it, live it and speak it for the fuel mixture to become rich enough for launch. It must be given large levels of emotion (and not tread upon the will of another) for lift off.

The second equation has to do with the reality of all living things. That is:
1 ÷ any number = 1. It will always equal ONE for ONE is not truly divisible by any number. Therefore no matter the number of people, souls, individuals,etc…there is still only the prime number of ONE in the truest of reality. (One = Code word for Spirit/God) Strangely enough while all of the other numbers might divide themselves via various equations that they invent they cannot truly divide themselves from the 1. Without the 1 there would be no other numbers. Even in earth bound mathematics the only number that can be always divided into any number is the number 1. Seems The Great Mathematician had it all worked out…even without a pencil!

12)Truth is not static. There is no one truth for truth is evolving along with humanity. Truth is evolving along with Spirit/God in his facades as humans. I have a friend that calls this the “God in drag” theory. As each of us in our uniqueness and individuality confront age old problems or ideologies and skittle our way to new solutions/thoughts we add unto that which has always been. We are the leading edge of thought and are that which keeps Truth and Spirit/God from becoming static. We, as God in drag, are every day changing the world, the truths, the interactive way that we commune with our internal Spirit/God. We are God experiencing himself as “other” and from this field of play we can and do foment new ideologies, horizons, technologies, and social interactions. We are that, at our core, which we have sought since time began. As the singer Jewel says in one of her songs, “We are that to which we pray.” We have just forgotten and have hid our faces from walking and talking to Spirit/God everyday.

13)Each of us have a call to service within the world. It is exactly why we are here. It is why we were imbued with life force from the ONE. It is why we entered the equation and what we do about stepping into, or away from, this call of service will determine the answer to how our lives might run. When we are aligned with our spiritual mission then we are as the hands of God working within the creation to change the creation and the future creations. An analogy that was given a few times which makes it clear is that if Spirit/God were the arm, our soul/spirit is as the hand then we, each of us, are as a finger upon the hand upon the arm. For many things to be accomplished within our world we must be as the dexterous and nimble fingers working with the hand and the arm for extension of movement and ability. The more fully we are aligned to our soul’s intent (which is aligned with Spirit’s intent except in very rare cases) then the more aid and speed we are given to accomplish this mission. IF things in our life seem to be difficult, non-starting, adverse, then we must re-check our alignment to what we came here to do. We are each given unique and definable abilities to help us accomplish the mission we chose and were chosen to do. Finding that mission is key to seeing your personal reflection of Spirit/God in the eyes of those around you.

These are the most prevalent of the teachings that seem as a recurring theme from Spirit as I serve my mission as being a mouthpiece for Greater Wisdom. There are indeed others but I have chosen the ‘larger’ of them. I do hope they make you think, make you react, and most of all make you seek that connection that was not and can never be destroyed.

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Rose Campbell is a clairaudient channel for Spirit. 20+ years experience. Offers spiritual coounseling, private sessions, Psychic Powers 101 online classes.