What Spirit Speaks

In my time in service as a “speaker” for Spirit/God (call it what you will) for 20+ years now I have given thousands of personal sessions and delivered numerous public forum channelings. Over the years I have been witness to many astonishing things, both in the vein of human drama trauma and the awe inducing messages of Spirit/God. Serving as I do in the capacity of clairaudient channel for wisdom that is well beyond what I consciously possess is truly a bittersweet position. It is often exhilarating when you see someone “get it” as Spirit/God offers them counsel but conversely it is deflating to see those who haven’t a clue and don’t seem to understand what is offered to them. However, there are within all of these many moments some overriding themes of what Spirit/God is trying to get humanity to understand.

While much of the information in private sessions is indeed personal to the individual and their life circumstances and choices thus far, when taken as a large body of work there are but few key answers given to all. Thus, I surmise that those answers which seem to repeat themselves are the “beacon” of Spirit/God meant to enlighten all. Thus I will define a few of the most important that I find Spirit/God issuing forth from my mouth for review and consideration within your truth centers. They are as follow:

1)Spirit/God resides deep within all who exist from the least of the animal kingdom even unto those who we humans might judge as not being worthy. Spirit/God is the spark that gives life.

2)Regardless if you believe in angels, spirit guides, or any other form of messenger there is but one source of the messages. Spirit/God works in guises that allow mankind to more readily accept the counsel and so if your belief system is that of angelic messengers you therefore have proof of that belief system when you are counseled by your “angels”, but it is in reality only a mask that Spirit/God dons for you to accept the offered wisdom. I am told that the time has come for Spirit/God to begin to lay down the masks and facades so that a purer understanding might be given to mankind.

3)It was not Spirit/God who walked away from humanity. As the focus of man’s consciousness shifted from within more fully to the outer world the inner connection was lost, but not destroyed. This connection waits for each human to once again seek it and to establish the dialogue once again as it was within the “Garden”. For those versed in the Bible it is to be noted that Spirit/God did not hide his face from humans but rather the other way around. Listen within the silence of your own mind for the connection and the deepest and wisest voice you will ever hear.

4)There is but only one Source and while it may take the form of many guises it is nonetheless emanating from the seat of All Wisdom. Some call this the Collective Unconscious or the Universal Mind. Others just simply call it God/Allah/Buddha/Bubba. Whatever your title, it does not change the facts.

5)There are Universal Laws set into motion by Source and all that happens to us, for us and through us is given within these laws. We have none other to blame for our condition than the right or wrong use of these Laws and the mental summoning forth that we ourselves call forth.

6)There is not any form of punishment from Spirit. Trials and tribulations that we might find ourselves in are not “pay back” for a “sin” we have committed but rather a direct result of our choices…be they mental, emotional or physical choices. However, that aspect of ourselves which is invisible in the mirror, or in other words our spirit/soul, also makes choices for us. Much of this is unconscious to the human personality that we know ourselves as. Thus some trials and tribulations are chosen from that higher aspect of existence to jump start our creative juices and to whet our knowledge/learning.

7)If you seek something, especially a relationship, you must be that which you seek. Someone who is insecure will not vibrationally attract someone who is innately secure. If you seek peace in the world then be peaceful within for what you currently are is what you will find coming onto your “life screen”. As has been said “from your lips to God’s ears”. “Focus only on that which you seek to add to your side of the scale.”

(Continued in What Spirit Speaks Part 2)

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Rose Campbell is a clairaudient channel for Spirit. 20+ years experience. Offers spirutal counseling, private sessions, Psychic Powers 101 online classes.