2020 marks the beginning of a new calendar year and for most of us, this is the time of making resolutions and professing the changes we are going to make in our lives. This is the year of the Awakening, so you will be receiving lots of information and what you choose to do with it, will reflect the rest of your life. It's time to dig deep into your soul and decide to make some conscious decisions on who you are and what you represent.

Change your way of thinking and begin to reprogram your mind. Step away from your material self and start a relationship with your spiritual self. It's time to switch up the routine and concentrate more on your inner peace. You're erasing the person you use to be and reintroducing yourself as the person you are becoming. Change is necessary in order to advance and this year is filled with positive life changing events, so you don't want to miss out on any opportunities presented to you.

Have fun building this relationship with God and yourself. Find joy when communicating with your ancestors because they are here to guide you. Go outside and enjoy nature. Listen to positive music that lifts your vibrations which will put you on a higher frequency. Discovering who you are spiritually will improve all areas of your life. When you find your purpose, you will know your path that no one will be able to take you off. This is a spiritual transformation. You have to change what you do spiritually in order to see the true magic of the Divine.

Meditations and prayers should be done in the dark. True magic manifest and forms in the darkness. The most beautiful things of this universe are created in the dark, so don't be afraid. The more time to you spend in prayer or meditation, the more grounded you become. Life becomes clear, your solutions becomes clear. Sometimes you have to isolate yourself and separate your mind from the noise of the world. It's the noise of the world that makes you depressed or angry, so learn how to stay grounded and nothing will disturb your peace.

The spiritual world is full of surprises and mysteries and with that being said, you have to have patience and trust. You are traveling an unknown path and in order to utilize this time, you have to practice communicating with Spirit until it becomes your daily ritual. You have skills and gifts that God wants you to unlock, but you must educate yourself in this knowledge. Strive to renew your thoughts, your practices, and spiritual culture.

Thank you for joining me today! Peace!

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Your Spiritual Sister.