Grand Theft Auto 5 is the advanced version of the game series given by Rockstar developers. One could download GTA 5 android online and can play the game at ease. GTA 5 will have several new features that you could not find in the previous versions of the game. However, among some tiny inclusions, there are some special features to look for in this updated version. In this article, let us discuss these in brief.

Three protagonists

The highlighting feature of this latest version of Grand Theft Auto is the inclusion of three protagonists at play instead of a single hero to do the missions. Although you could play only as one person at once, you can jump into the other character’s life when he is not carrying out his mission. If you do so, you will get to explore the environment of that character and have a lot of fun. However, there is no option of killing your co-conspirators in GTA 5. If you wish, you can also be helpful to the people who are playing as your co-conspirators by switching the characters in case of any complicated missions that they could not do themselves. This option is the most loved one in this new version of the game.

Destructible environment

GTA 5 is an updated version of the original game and hence, there is upgradation in several forms inside the world of the game. You can see several destructible environments in this world. For instance, you can destroy a tall wall by crashing a truck on it. The graphics will be seamless and you can see this destruction real. You can feel a sense of realism with this update in the game. So, if you are an aggressive player, you can find this feature fascinating during your gameplay.

A game within a game

Another cool feature of this version of Grand Theft Auto is that there will be several games to play inside the game’s world. You can play some games like tennis, golf, and some others in the meantime of your missions. Since GTA 5 will be violent, you can take a break and play these games to relax. You would not go out of your missions while you play these games. So, the inclusion of these relaxation options into the version is a better addition compared to other versions of pure violence.

Multiplayer option

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that allows for multiplayer actions. You can play with your friends or any general public in the same setup competing with each other. The game allows about thirty people at once in the city to explore it and have fun. You can choose either to play a cooperative match where everyone will work together to complete missions or a competitive game where everyone will fight to find out the winner among them. Since the previous versions did not provide such a multiplayer experience, GTA 5 is appreciated for the upgrade.

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the inclusion of these relaxation options into the version is a better addition compared to other versions of pure violence.