Custom rolling trays are an awesome tool to assist you to perfect and streamline your rolling process. They’re designed to stay all of your smoking accessories and legal herb in one place. This handy smoking accessory is often as simple together flat surface or has intricate builds with sections and compartments. Custom rolling trays are available in various designs and sizes, but you'll often see rectangular pieces as this is often the quality shape.

Why every smoker needs it?

Papers, lighters, filters, and other rolling accessories are often small and straightforward to misplace but with a tray, you usually know where your smoking supplies are when you’re able to roll. Custom rolling trays also make it easy for you to collect any stray smoking herbs in one place rather than losing them. Once you use a tray you’re also saving the opposite surfaces in your home from being in danger of getting sticky or dirty over time.

In more being an overly accommodating smoking instrument, trays are additionally a great method to show your character! Your trays say something regarding you, so ensure you are stating it right. Some custom rolling trays are so extravagant that they become true, collectible art pieces. The seemingly endless sort of designs and custom options also makes trays an excellent personalized gift. Regardless of what your friend or family is into, there's sure to be a tray to suit their personality.

What sorts of custom rolling trays?

Metal rolling trays

Metal trays are durable, tend to be a reasonable option, and you'll find them in only about any size and style that you’d like. While metal trays tend to be less fancy or elaborate than their costlier siblings, they're functional and maybe fun to gather.

Wooden rolling trays

You will often see wooden tray designs that have more elaborate features and details. There are flat surface wooden trays with no customizations that are less common, but usually, there'll a minimum of be a compartment carved during a wooden piece. A more complicated wooden piece could be difficult to travel with, but if you've got the space to require it with you, it can usually house tons. Typically, wooden trays tend to cost a touch quite plastic or metal.

Plastic rolling trays

Plastic trays are usually a reasonable go-to. Though they’re not as durable as pieces made from wood or metal, they still function well. Some plastic pieces even have intricate features and space for storing. Bonus: they're easy to travel with.

These fun plastic trays by skunk are dessert-themed and are available in lemon cake or cherry pie flavors. The acrylic and have an easy rolling surface with a further breakaway storage piece that provides you more options to roll and organize your supplies. Take the mini piece with you if you’re on the go.

Glass rolling trays

While not all glass pieces are made equal, you'll find some incredibly thick, durable glass pieces which will both wow your guests and stand the test of your time. You’ll find glass rolling trays in many various sizes, but they'll be a touch less practical to travel with than metal or plastic, so it depends on your needs.

Cheerful rolling!

Don’t hand over hope; your perfect custom rolling tray is out there. Whatever your preferred smoking herbs are, custom rolling trays are a necessity for each smoker. Spruce up your smoking kit, and enhance your rolling routine. We love hearing from you! Tell us within the comments below what your favorite rolling tray brand is. Then post an image and tag us for an opportunity to be featured on our social profiles.

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