SEO as a dedicated channel for generating leads over the Internet is quite apparent. SEO during its existence has become a separate dedicated marketing tool. Businesses know how SEO works and how effective it is. So if you doubt that it won't work for your business then think again.

According to Puppetbrush, SEO, as a product and as a service, was formed in the 2000s - in fact, at the dawn of search technologies. The market itself chose the most appropriate forms of relationship between SEO agencies and businesses. In the era of the formation of search engines and the imperfection of search algorithms, it is clear that the scheme of work with pay for positions has become mainstream, defining the vector of the industry development for many years. The market appeared unexpectedly. At some point, everyone suddenly discovered that there is a reasonably large market piece in the overall pie of Internet marketing.

But at the moment when the SEO services market acquired a single terminology, uniform rules of the game, uniform norms of relationships between clients, and customers a severe tectonic shift suddenly occurred.

And amid the fun of the SEO industry, search engines continued to evolve at a pace that they had never developed before. Latent semantics indexing, natural language query processing, machine learning, issuance personification, extraction of quality signals from behavioral factors, etc. - it was not a simple evolution, it was a series of mutations very quickly replacing each other.

The result of all these changes (and many others that await us ahead) will be this. There is a market, and customers are willing to pay, there are "settled" rules of the game in this market. But there is a catastrophic gap between search engine technology and the people who continue to reengineer search engines. That said, reengineering is still possible. But! But such a thing happens.

SEO company in halifax mentions, search engines today are such fortresses that sincerely care about the peace of mind of their citizens - site owners who are trying to live "by the rules." More precisely, not even by the rules, but by the rule. It is one and it is very simple: "Follow our recommendations, develop your site in the interests of users and fill it with useful, unique content, etc."

It will be such a different SEO that it will need to be called something else. At this point, whoever likes it more, I like the term "search marketing" more.

And this is what will happen. Small businesses, the main driver of this market, will get tired of walking in circles - from one office to another. They will try the best SEO companies for small business and conclude that proven results & solid marketing strategy of these companies are perhaps the best tools in terms of predicting the results.

The driver of the SEO halifax will be, oddly enough, the context. Sobering up will come because a huge number of small business representatives will wake up one day and look: everything that we did every day - all our work to optimize logistics, to improve the quality of service, to improve customer service - all this only led to growing our budgets for context. It's time to change something, damn it.

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