What is It?
You must have heard of sinus irrigation already. It has been the subject of a lot of alternative medicine articles. A lot of people have affirmed the benefits they get out of this simple process. Nonetheless, if you are quite clueless about it, the following information might be helpful:

Simply put, sinus irrigation is done by positioning the head sideways and then allowing water to enter one nostril and out of the other. In the process, debris, irritants, bacteria and other unwanted particles are washed away. This can be done by directly snorting plain water or saline water. Alternatively, needle-less bulb syringes or spray bottles can also be employed to deliver the irrigating solution into the sinuses.

In the recent years, irrigators have been developed even further to maximize the benefits they can give to patients. For instance, among the latest irrigators are those which have been equipped with the capability for controlling the volume and pressure of the irrigating solution. Furthermore, some are even equipped with pulsating action in order to “imitate” the natural movement of cilia, which are tiny hair-like projections found in the nasal cavities. Cilia act as our natural brooms that sweep away unwanted particles out of our nasal and sinus cavities.

Medicated Irrigation
Sinusitis has become a fairly common condition. The effectiveness of irrigation in relieving sinusitis symptoms and preventing sinus infection altogether has propelled Sinus Dynamics, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, to develop medicated irrigation. Problems like headache, congestion, and facial pain can be dealt with irrigation by washing out the foreign particles that caused these problems. If the symptoms last for a longer duration, sinus irrigation can be performed at an extended period of time. Ask your doctor and/or pharmacist for a recommendation for your particular condition.

Aside from developing their state-of-the-art nebulizers and irrigators, Sinus Dynamics is also a pharmaceutical company which manufactures its complete line of sinusitis and even rhinitis medications suitable for use with their medical irrigators and nebulizers.

ActiveSinus, Sinus Dynamics’ very own medicated irrigator, is one of the best in the market right now. It’s small and portable enough to carry practically anywhere. It might not be as complex as other state-of-the-art irrigators out there, but it certainly is equipped with no nonsense features. For example, its spray nozzle has been designed to make its use easy and comfortable even for first time users. Also, bacteria and molds may linger in the irrigator’s nozzle. This is a common concern for users of irrigators that are not disposable. Well, not with ActiveSinus! Its smart design enables it to prevent microbial and fungal growth when used, and it is easy to clean as per manufacturers’ instruction.

Medicated irrigation works by squirting the medicated solution into the sinuses. Generally, because the medication comes in direct contact with the sinuses, the patient can expect prompt or immediate relief. Liquid in form, the medication is also absorbed at a much faster rate compared to orally administered medications.

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