There are few pictures that you would like to watch for as long as your wedding pictures. So important to make your photos by a good wedding photographer. But how do you now know what to look for? We will give you tips!

Tip 1: See the wedding photographer's portfolio!

Make sure you look very well at the portfolio of a wedding photographer. There are so many different styles in wedding photography, and it would be a shame if you are not happy with your wedding photos. Also look at Pinterest for wedding photos that you like, and why it is. If necessary, take a few photos that you like to the photographer to discuss if this is a style that he or she has. When looking at a portfolio, take a look at the other tips.

Tip 2: The time of the shoot

When the sun is low, the light is the most beautiful for a wedding party. One of the reasons is that the light is warmer in color. A warmer color light makes people healthier, like a healthy summer tint on your skin. Because the light is so low, it also gives a very beautiful luminous edge around you. Take a good look at old Hollywood movies, all women were shining with an angelic light from behind.

Tip 3: Different types of light

A good photographer knows the different types of light and makes use of the most beautiful looks. You have soft light and hard light, natural light, and flashlight. Soft light is the most flattering form of light in our opinion. This gives a natural look to your face. Hard light is when you face your face, for example. Unevenness and wrinkles are emphasized, your nose gives a striking shadow, and you are squeezing your eyes."

Tip 4: Each photographer has his own style

Each photographer has his own way of taking pictures, his own style. They will not deviate so quickly, so it's up to you to find a photographer with a style that suits you. In bridal photography, you actually use three styles of photography, which is so beautiful! There is the reportage photography, say the kind of photos you know from the news.

During the photo shoot you have more to do with fashion photography; how do you make sure people are beautiful in the picture and that it is contemporary but also timeless? And lastly, do you have product photography, how do you put the details of a day like a wedding cake or wedding rings on the picture? Not every photographer will use the same degree of all three types of photography.

Is there a kind that matters to you? For example, all your home-made decorations are on the picture? Then check if you can find this in the photographer's portfolio. Considers all three types of photography important. Virginia Wedding Photographer says a wedding day is especially about the experience, about what you feel for each other. Only a balanced combination of all three can lead to a cartoon that focuses on both the day and its perception. That challenge is what engages me in bridal photography."

What do you notice when choosing a wedding photographer?

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Misty Jhones