Everyone is getting tired of the everyday routine from now and then and what’s more appropriate to make that go away other than a city break? It is not extremely expensive to organize a trip outside your hometown for a few days, keeping in mind that a city break is your ticket to relaxation and restfulness. There are a lot of organized European tours you can choose from and some plane tickets and a hotel won’t represent an obstacle. If you manage to gather all the information needed and make the right decisions on time, you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

A city break should be stress-free so make sure you are not overthinking every tiny detail regarding the way it will go. All you have to do is search for some cheap plane tickets, flexible dates (try looking for off-season dates, because it will be a lot cheaper than usual), pack light and simply enjoy your short holiday. It would be ideal if you could bring a couple friends with you to make it even more entertaining that is already is. A city break is always great with more people by your side so make sure you ask everyone if they want to come, including your family. After you’ve selected all these details, you might want to keep in mind the following things:


First thing first, you need to choose a location. There are plenty of options you can look through and decide what you would like to visit next. Hotels can be found very easily online via booking sites and when you are travelling off-season you’ll be amazed how prices will drop for a city break. Make sure you consult everyone else’s opinion before selecting a location and a place to sleep. Here are some places that offer a lot of places to visit you might enjoy:

• Balkans – Placed in Eastern-South-eastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula can represent a great location for a city break. The Balkan Mountains are surrounded by the Adriatic, Ionian, Mediterranean, Black and Aegean Sea so you have plenty of choices while visiting this area. Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Turkey are just some of the countries you can visit here.

• Central Europe – If you are willing to be left breathless by stunning sights Central Europe is the place you want to be. The heart of Europe hosts the west Slavic countries. In Austria you can enjoy the Alps for a day skiing, besides the numerous cultural attractions you’ll find there. In the Czech Republic you’ll be fascinated with the power of nature: great forests and mountains and stunning architecture. Germany and Switzerland are economic powerhouses of Europe itself and their metropolitan cities will leave you amazed.

• Italy – Legendary cities like Rome, Florence or Milan will catch your attention immediately. Italy is an entire work of art that you will love visit. You have it all in the palm of your hand: islands, sea, mountains, architecture, culture and so on. It is worth all your money and time.

• Ireland – This country has endless possibilities. The main attraction is the Irish cuisine which is highly underestimated. They have special dishes no one heard about and it will surprise you how tasteful they are. If you happen to visit this area, try looking for the ring forts which were built in the Middle Ages. A picture there is priceless.

• Russia – First thing that pops your mind when you think about Russia it’s the huge surface of it. 17 million square kilometres allow this country to be neighbours with numerous countries. Try a tour of it and get immersed into their various cultures.

• Peru – The climate here ranges from tropical to freezing in a second. Peru is very diverse when it comes to natural environment. Lima is one of the most amazing cities of Peru, having amazing cuisine and special museums. The people in Peru are fascinating from the way they dress to the way they behave and so on. You’ll experience one-time-only things here.

Time off work

Before establishing any dates for your city break, make sure you take some time off work. Tell your friends to do the same early enough, so you don’t face any problems when you are so close to your departure. Bosses can be quite troubling, meaning that you need to state your request with at least 3 months before deciding to go on that city break you cannot wait for. Try remaining polite and ask nicely for the best response.

Travel documents

Don’t forget to double-check your travel documents before anything else. Here’s a list with what you should have on you before leaving:

• Passport – check your passport’s availability first; usually it’s best for it to be valid six months prior and after the date you are traveling

• Visa – visas need to be checked before leaving your country; firstly look for information about the country you’ll be visiting to assure yourself what the requirements for travelling are; if you are all set, it’s fine just with a permission at the airport.

• Travel insurance – you should be safe while travelling with the help of an insurance; you can never know what is going to happen and being all secured will help you relax you mind completely; think about consulting a specialist in order to get things straight with your travel insurance

• Foreign currency – another country means another currency; money exchange is something you should look for carefully because each of them has different politics you need to read beforehand.

• Air tickets – you should place your plane tickets right on top of your mobile phone or luggage to make sure you won’t forget them; without these, you won’t be able to leave at all and your city break will be kind of ruined; you don’t want that to happen at any cost so pay attention to this detail

• ID and Driver’s License – maybe you’ll rent a car so have your ID and International Driver’s License close by.

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